Velvety Layers & IOI Mall, Puchong

One of the latest places for a quick, affordable bite at lunchtime or dinner time, that also offers the lovely dessert known as the Mille crepe, is at Velvety Layers, IOI Mall, Puchong.


a million layers of yum!

If you find yourself strolling about the mall and not sure what to eat, check out this place that does pastas such as Spaghetti aglio olio seafood, Macaroni aglio olio chicken, Fettuccini beef bolognaise and Penne seafood carbonara all at the super affordable set prices of RM 10.90 inclusive of a drink (any hot drinks, soft drinks or Mineral water). It really is a fantastic price for the portions.


carbonara seafood

And for lovers of the Mille Crepe .. choose from flavours such as Vanilla Temptation, Blueberry Peanutbutter, Milky Oreo, Yoghurt Raspberry and many more.. they only cost RM9.90 for a hefty slice. Founded by a couple of independent entrepreneurs – one of them are a young talented dessert chef who has been in the Mille Crepe making industry for yonks, I was surpised at the quality of the Mille Crepes. Not bad at all.


many exciting flavours to choose from


I highly recommend checking out the place for some tasty desserts, if you are in that part of town.


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Thanks for the FB love!
Velvety Layers,
G Floor,
IOI Mall, Puchong,
47100 Kuala Lumpur
Call Ethan : +6016-344 0880





  1. hmmmmnow i feel like abandoning the plans to cook lunch for the family and head in for the penne seafood carbonara and mille crepe…

  2. hey this shop opened in my territory! But it’s a shame to say that it’s been half a year I didn’t visit IOI Mall.. heeheheheheh… will head there to try out this place!! nyumz!

  3. Is that the only seating area available at the shop? From the angle of that photo, it doesn’t really look like it could seat more than 10 people at once …

  4. mille feuille, one of my absolutely favorite desserts! when it comes to good mille feuille, you could give me half a dozen slices, and i would happily eat ’em all! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. owh i love to try this new mille crepe..wonder whether each flavor content taste differently!! Since the last few mille crepe flavor I taste are different in the topping by centre layer are similar..

  6. nice! I was there yesterday in IOI mall in Red Box. Din’t know that there is mille crepes. Haha.
    You must have enjoy every moment of it. haha. Nice desserts. make me hungry now. Gonna try it one day. :)

  7. Will heading to this place immediately if it located nearer to me >.<

  8. omigod! the a million layers .. i want a slice!

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