MyBurgerLab @ Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

Today’s tasty guestpost is by my rather shy buddy, who goes only by the pen name, Greedy Gus. She’s been staking out this new burger joint in Petaling Jaya, that’s all the rave at the moment. Since me and Cumi can’t be asked to fight the crowds at MyBurgerLab, we thought we might get her to write a guestpost instead. Seeing as she’s so crazy about the place and their burgers.. why not..

This is the latest and hottest gourmet burger bar in PJ with long queues every night except on Mondays – when they’re closed. I enjoyed my first visit to MyBurgerLab at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya so much, I went back 3 times in less than a week.

The first visit was on a Thursday night. I was indecisive. The patient cashier recommended Swisstaké – beef patty, Swiss cheese, shiitake and enoki mushrooms with caramelised onions, but finally, I decided on the A+set – beef patty (medium), sharp cheddar, shiitake and enoki mushrooms and caramelised onions with Awesome Fries (lightly salted with a sprinkling of herbs), chilli mayonnaise and bottomless drinks from the soda fountain.

As I waited for my order at MyBurgerLab, I observed the friendly and well-coordinated team in the open plan kitchen, working quietly to get out the orders of their hungry customers. They were happy to let me take pictures and chat as they assembled the burgers.

The burgers take around 10 to 15 minutes as they’re cooked to order. One that caught my eye was the Beautiful Mess. Chicken or beef, the Beautiful Mess has crisp, breaded portobello mushrooms, an egg cooked in a capsicum ring and mozzarella cheese. Crisp, breaded portobello mushrooms….. Hmmmm, next time.

Despite the crowd, when my order came, I had a place to sit down. The A+ burger was good. Lightly seasoned, the patty was moist without dripping down my chin and the Awesome Fries went well with the chilli mayonnaise.

I liked it so much, I went back to MyBurgerLab on Sunday. An A-board outside said 5pm to 11pm (or til we run out) and though it was only 9pm, they’d run out of buns. I was offered a lettuce wrapped burger as an alternative but I really wanted my burger in a bun.


Fast forward to Tuesday and here I was for the third time in 5 days. Again packed to the gills. I considered having a Beautiful Mess but wasn’t that hungry so I had the Bella Luna – grilled whole portobello mushroom with sharp cheddar and a “special sauce”. The special sauce made my burger a lot messier than last week’s A+. I enjoyed it but next time, I’ll ask them to hold the special sauce.

Dining at MyBurgerLab is relaxed with diners on long benches with a long table in the centre of the room or at individual tables and chairs along the wall. Despite the crowds and hard floors, it’s not particularly noisy. On my 3rd visit, I sat across from a chatty diner who was a friend of the owners and happy to volunteer that they were all Nottingham University graduates. Two were engineers, one had read Finance (as had he) and ….. I have forgotten what the others did. The kitchen helpers at MyBurgerLab were all fellow university friends and I was struck by how happy they were as they turned out the orders. There is something to be said about following one’s passion.

MyBurgerLab’s specialty is fresh cooked Australian grass-fed beef burgers but there are grilled chicken burgers as well as mushroom-based burgers. The burgers come in home- made bamboo charcoal buns with lettuce and grilled tomatoes. Add-ons like extra cheese, mushrooms and caramelised onions are available. Prices start from Say Cheese at RM11 to RM18 for a Beautiful Mess. Add RM5 to make it a “set” with Awesome Fries and a drink.

No pork served.

14 Jalan 22/21
Sea Park
Petaling Jaya 47300
(down the road from Sea Park Market)
Tuesdays to Sundays: 5pm to 11pm (or the food runs out – whichever happens first, be
Closed on Mondays.

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  1. Great going, Gus! There’s something alluring and addictive about these burgers, that makes folks keep going back for more. I think you nailed one of the factors by describing the passion of the burgerlab team 😀

  2. 3 times in 5 days? Winner!

  3. So popular lah this place, all my friends (without blogs also) keep posting photos of the burgers.

  4. Been there twice! But still prefer beef one, as the chicken one doesnt really taste as good as the beef. 😀

  5. wow.. seems like eveyrone is going nuts bout burgerlab~ I must try this out some day!^^

  6. I am still trying to figure out how to survive the wait for food:P The fries look lovely right?

  7. i wonder which day would be less packed??i want to swallow the big beautiful mess burger…nom nom nom..

  8. i wanted to try this place but my sister told me that the crowd is crazy!

  9. And this is mere minutes away from the office! Pity that they are not opened during the day though. Would be a great place for lunch.

    • Yes.. but you could go after work! 😀

    • if the open during the day i think more working people would visit…Just tried it yesterday…i personally think they need to control their quality….last evening burger were disappointing…

      • Seriously? I nearly went today myself! I wonder if it happens only when it gets busy? how about at 5pm i wonder.. like when it opens.

        • ciki: I reach there 4.30 and I am the first one….with all the words flying around in FB and blog page I hopes my burger would be at least the seasoning is well balanced…but no…it’s too salty, I could even chew some small grains of salt between the patties…perhaps not my day? I would think twice before my next visit to burger lab…

          • LOL that bad! Well, me and Cumi have yet to go.. so we’ll see! Thx for the balanced feedback. good to know the other side of the story!

  10. I used to stay very, yes very near to MyBurgerLab but every time I pass by it’s always long queue… heard their burgers are really good but I can’t even stand waiting for more than 15 minutes in McD but hopefully one day I’ll get to try this place :)

    • Same here.. Can’t be asked to queue. That’s why I got someone to guestpost for me! haha :) One day… but don’t hold your breath:P

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