Baan Ruen Thai @ Kelana Jaya, PJ

After we put together this post on our Top 5 Thai Street Food Stalls in Kuala Lumpur, we found another addition to the family.

The spanking new restaurant, called Baan Ruen Thai has opened shop, right opposite New Yew Sang Seafood, on Jalan SS 6/8, Kelana Jaya, and you will not believe how cheap the food is. Not to be confused with the Baan Ruen Thai Restaurant & Bistro, located on Jalan Doraisamy, Kuala Lumpur, Dang Wangi, the owner of this restaurant assures us that this is her one and only shop at the moment.


you can already feel the heat, just looking at this hotpot of Tomyam soup..

The Tom Yam Seafood Noodles might not be the tastiest and it might not make it on our list of Top 5, but the price itself boggles the mind. Priced at RM6, the prawns are huge, and the noodles comes with tons of ingredients and is spicy enough to make you break a sweat. The Pad-Thai (which tasted more like kwey teow goreng) was just OK in flavour but it came with 5 or 6, pretty large prawns. Also priced at RM6, we really wondered how this restaurant makes a profit. Then came dessert of Tap Tim Grob.. true to form, it was again huge in serving. The price as only RM3 bucks for a massive bowl of thai dessert. Terrific value for money I say!

You should visit this place for lunch.. especially for cheap Thai street food!


Baan Ruen Thai… lastest addition to cheap eats.. KL


desserts station


fresh fruit


Tomyam Bihoon.. priced at RM6 one cannot really complain. Massive, sweet and tasty prawns. I only had one complaint.. crabs sticks kinda spoils the authenticity of the dish!


Pad Thai? or Fried Kwey Teow? It didn’t taste like Pad Thai but they sure were generous with the prawns!


Tap Tim Grob – fresh santan, which had enough of a salty edge to it. Again, huge portions for just RM3! Really well done – we were impressed that they did not use packet santan.

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Baan Ruen Thai,
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178


  1. wah, both dishes very generous with prawns! they should nickname this place Baan PRAWN Thai! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Honestly, Im not much of a spicy food lover :( , i get sore throats if the level of spiciness is too extreme :(. Looks good though !

  3. They must get a huge discount for buying prawns in bulk!

  4. This food looks amazing. I would love to do an Olympic dive into the tomyam soup.

  5. ok will be going there very very soon!

  6. I had Thai food twice in last week, you should know how much I love it! ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Hey…..Where Can I Find This Thai Restaurant Baan Ruan Thai ?
    Can The Owner Of This Restaurant Contact me At 6016-283 6739
    Thank you

  8. Hi Ciki! I love your food posts! You seem to be able to find eateries that i hardly know! Btw, do you know if Baan Nok in Pandan indah has moved? I was wondering if u know where they moved to?

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