Fatboy’s the Burger Bar at Publika

Wow.. I just had to check out Fatboy’s – the burger bar, at Publika, when I heard that they had come to town.

You see, not too long ago, Singaporean voters on a food forum, actually voted Fatboy’s the Burger Bar, tops for burgers in Singapore. That little burger joint on Upper Thomson Road was all the rage. Now isn’t that enough impetus to make you want to try it out? Enough said. I was there like 5 minutes ago.


the cute black and white deco

We walk into Fatboy’s- the burger bar, at Publika, and I immediately warm up to the black and white caricature pictures all over the walls, of a fat man, presumably Mr Fatboy himself. Even the waiters sport the cool fatboy t-shirts. The seating at Fatboy’s – the burger bar, at Publika is informal, modern and laid back, with low tables as well as high bar tables accommodating a larger number of diners. The menu is straightforward and simple, and the main focus is on the burgers where you can choose from existing options or have your burger customised.


Fatboy t-shirts

Look at this fabulous Elvis Burger. A good sized pork patty slathered in peanut butter, with nice juicy bananas slapped on, and sandwiched between two round homemade honey oat buns. First impressions were – a terrifically appetising burger that oozed appeal. However, the patty that was made up of minced pork wasn’t as succulent as I had expected it to be. To make matters worse, this burger lacked moisture and the peanut butter and two bananas were not enough to save the day. I loved the honey oat bun though – much better than you normal burger buns. Terrific large cut fries as well, I must give credit.


the Elvis Burger

Then came the Philly Cheese Steak. This was tasty enough but no where near an actual Philly cheese steak from Philly. The bun was dry and not really appetizing.


the Philly Cheese Steak

Finally the Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab – boneless chicken fillets seasoned with honey mustard, skewered and grilled with onions and peppers on a bed of smashed potatoes and coleslaw. Tasty enough but again not outstanding. The mash was good though.


the Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab

In absolute terms, that prices aren’t too expensive (averaging RM18 a burger) but the burgers are just lacking in character, and sorry to say, succulence. In short, inexpensive but average burgers at best. The place is cheery and so are the waiters if that’s any consolation.. Will I be back? Depends… but hey, there are so many other new places to try at Publika.. it may take a while..


this girl loves her meat on skewers!



Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar,
G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
(If you get lost, just ask for directions at the
information counter. The place is new, and they are
very helpful)
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  1. i still prefer fatboybakes logo..ah pa better looking than that angry man..

  2. Augustdiners says:

    Oh no! It sounds like one of those sg brought outlets that gone wrong! But have to give it to them for their innovative burgers :p

    • ah. but I need to go back and try the Fat Basterd! We ordered it but it did not arrive. After that, we didn’t feel like pursuing the lost order.. oh well.. next time! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Oh no, you tried the wrong burger! The pork burger is the only one here that’s not succulent! The beef burger (not the beef sandwich) is beautifully juicy and flavorful (as three other friends, including a senior member of the BIG Group, will testify to), as are the lamb and portobello mushroom burgers. Go back, go back!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Happy Leap Year girl!

    The Elvis Burger sounds like a dream come true…but if the patty fails:-( Hmmmm Either I take the risk and try it or attempt it at home.

  5. I wonder when FatBoyBakes will come here and have his first FatBoyBurger? Hehe. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. I am devastated by how the Elvis turned out during your visit! But because I love my pork (and I can’t do beef or even lamb), I’m going to brave it and hope it gets better for me!

  7. Sis was asking me to come here, but to bad ur review was …. >.<
    Happy Leap Year!

  8. Yummmylicious photos :-) BRAVO! Must go .. must go!

    Hey, is that J in the last photo!? The meat-crazed skewer gal?

  9. wanted to try when we last in Publika but alas wasnt open yet but now I dun feel like going since no favourable review yet :(

  10. johnson chong says:

    Fatboys are the worst burgers I have ever tasted! Quality of food and drinks are sub par. Avoid this outlet.

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