Hurtling towards the Finish…

This past month, everything was a mess at work.. including the files in the in-tray, files in the drawers and file on my p.c.

Holidays to the Maldives, Scotland and then Australia had me gasping for breath.. where did all my time go? Ah, so it was a good thing that I worked throughout last week and this week, to clear all that clutter from my desk. It is good to know, that despite my panic, I will now enter the new year, without unfinished business.


It is well with my soul. (and with my in-tray)



Here’s Wishing everyone Peace, Love, Joy.. and that all things GOOD, will follow you into the new year..



May God’s Blessings sweep you off your feet,




And may you be unable to stem the flow of good news of great things to come!









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  1. Many blessings and many more adventures in the new year! Woohoo! 😀

  2. Happy New Year 2012, cumi & ciki :)

  3. happy new year cumi & ciki.

    thrill us with more awesome post of food and travels!

  4. A blessed blessed New Year!

  5. Happy New Year to you and yours. The best of health to all! – Marlys and Michael

  6. Happy new year C&C! I’m so happy that we’ve shared so many travels together in 2011. It was an amazing year and wishing you a better 2012 ahead.

    For Monkey & Panda

  7. happy new year!

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