10 Things I Love About My City, Madrid

Madrid is a sophisticated city that receives thousands of tourists each year. But what do we locals love about the Spanish capital? Read on for my very own personal list. And if you’re looking to visit yourself, and looking to make your money go a long way, you can find budget accommodation in Madrid on CheapHotels.org


Gran Via, Madrid – photo credit Moyan_Brenn

Here are the 10 Things I Love About My City, Madrid ..

The sunlight. It might be freezing cold in the winter, but the skies are still blue and the sun shines on. Sure, there are rainy days, but that is really the minority. Come to Madrid and boost your Vitamin D – you’ll be sure to return home happier.

The lifestyle. The Spanish know how to live life, and that includes the madrileños. While some may complain that nothing ever gets done (“tomorrow, tomorrow” is a common phrase), the people know how to enjoy themselves.

The food. Spain is renowned for its delicious food. In Madrid, you can find tasty fish, meat, ham, vegetables, fruits and more.


tapas – photo credit ville.fi

The tapas. Tapas go hand in hand with the above. If you’re not up for a full meal, Madrid is the place to be. You can sample several small dishes instead and sometimes, you will even get them for free if you order a caña (meaning beer).

The people. Open and friendly, the people here have always made me feel at home.

The Retiro Park. No matter whether it’s for a jog or a stroll, the Parque del Retiro is the place to go.

Retiro park

Retiro Park – photo credit localjoost

The nightlife. The Spanish know how to live life, and they also know how to party. There’s a bar on every corner, and if you are looking for clubs, there’s plenty to choose from as well.

The barrios. Barrios means neighborhoods in Spanish. These characterize the different parts of the city and each of them has something unique to offer.

in the front of Art

Prado Museum – photo credit giulia p

The culture. In Madrid, there is always something going on. You have some of the greatest museums located here (Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen), in addition to numerous galleries and smaller exhibition spaces. Add to that countless flamenco and music venues.

I could go on an on. My list really doesn’t end here. Soccer fans will find delight in the Bernabeu stadium, while bullfight aficionados should head to the Las Ventas arena. There’s something here for everyone.




  1. Madrid is a nice city but the last time my cousins and I went there, she almost got mugged.

  2. I always thought that Barcelona overshadowed Madrid, but I now think the Madrid is getting ahead of Barcelona. After all, they have the Prado! LOL!!

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