Le Cordon Bleu Certified!

“Remember, Remember the Ninth of November, the hot oven, the sweat of the onion and seared duck. I know of no reason why the hot oven, onion and duck should ever be forgot” – adapted from V for Vendetta/Guy Fawkes

9th November, I braced the infamous Sunway-Subang afternoon traffic jams to rush to Sunway Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts to be part of the first group to inaugurate its first practical workshop on the fine French art of cooking.


After completing the registration and indemnity form at the administration office, we strapped on our uniform – the Chef hat and apron with the prestigious blue ribbon insignias embroidered, and we were ushered up to the fifth floor where a fully loaded kitchen welcomed us. Did you know you should cross the straps on an apron to secure it tighter? Well, most of us present didn’t know up till that moment in time.

We were put under the guidance of Chef Franck Bruwier and his band of talented assistants. There were 14 participants and each of us were assigned to our own station to prepare the raw ingredients and to cook two staples of French dining, Magret De Canard Rõti, Pommes Cocottes Au Lard et Champignons A la Graisse D’ole, and Soupé


  1. Did you cook? Or did Cumi cook and your task was to take photos? :)

  2. “3+ hours ordeal”? Sounds more like those three hours were practically a dream come true, dear. You’re so talented!

    (Now when can I book your time to come and cook for me and Devil har? Hehe.)

  3. 3hours of awesome fun…and congras!

  4. This looks like so much fun! Lucky you, I would LOVE to do this! Awesome.

  5. Does that mean I get to favour your cordon blue food now! I’ll kidnap Cumi to cook though.

    I want that apron though. Looked so professional!

  6. fatty boy bakes says:

    hahah, cumi, that was a great class. i am amazed at how meticulous and organized you are, such a neat cook.

  7. Nice to have met you Cumi! Tks for the jolly pix of me cooking up a storm :)

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