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As I stand quietly, patiently, camera trained in the right direction of Chef Daniel and Sage’s open kitchen, my focus can now fall on its mostly exhilarating food: a decadent slice of Hiramasa King Fish with smoked Avruga caviar Cream that’s the stuff of dreams; a mélange of Consomme of Foie Gras with Fresh Mushroom and Pacific Oysters that’s pure rapture; a cut of precocious beef, the Wagyu Beef Striploin with Dauphinoise Potato and French Mustard Sauce that gets my vote for steak of the new millennium.


Sage is by far, my favourite restaurant for prolonged lunches. Here is Chef Daniel.. making sure I get the best experience I can, out of Sage’s 3 course lunch. We normally do 4 courses and take both the starters, a choice of mains and finish it off with dessert and coffee, because we are greedy that way, but also mainly because we can!


The Chef prepares our Hiramasa King Fish with such tender loving care..


Hiramasa King Fish with smoked Avruga caviar Cream

I always love the fish starters on the Sage menu, because they are more often than not, very well executed. Less is best, and these subtle flavours of the Hiramasa King Fish are balanced to perfection with the other components on the plate. One of our dining companions commented that if we just had an entire steak of yellowtail kingfish, one prepared just like this, he would be happy to go home after eating that one dish. I am inclined to agree.


Consomme of Foie Gras with Fresh Mushroom and Pacific Oysters

Ah, Sage really had my husband in mind, when they designed this dish. The Consomme of Foie Gras was a light, rich broth, with a delicate sliver of foie, immersed in it’s own earthy foie and mushroom juices. This made the Foie Gras a lot less gamy in taste- something Cumi really appreciates. The Pacific Oysters were explosive sacs of creamy and musky flavours. Too good for words.


thou art the Foie in my consomme.. !


Pan Roasted White Pomfret Fish with Kataifi Prawn and Nantua Suace (mains)

For the choice of mains, I picked the fish. It’s a delight to sink your incisors into a layer of crispy pan seared fish skin that gives way to flaky white, moist flesh, cooked just right. The surprise came in the form of a perfectly executed prawn kataifi.. if only dining could always be this fun and creative. A classic French sauce consisting of a Béchamel sauce base, cream, crayfish butter and crayfish tails completes the ensemble.


Wagyu Beef Striploin with Dauphinoise Potato and French Mustard Sauce (mains)

Though I thoroughly enjoyed my mains, the smell of Wagyu that wafted over from my neighbour’s plate, had me doubting myself. My dining companions were really happy with the intense marbling , the quality cut of beef and the fabulous french mustard sauce, that combined resulting in a spectacular richness and flavor they could only describe as “outrageous”. That good huh.. I was lucky enough that one of them offered me a morsel and yeah, they were right – totally outrageous.


Green Tea Bavarois with Creme Anglaise, Red Bean Ice cream


2 choices of Artisanal and Fermier Cheese with Fig Terrine, Homemade walnut bread

Desserts, especially those that are Bavarois in nature, are usually top notch at Sage, so if you can set aside some nap time, post lunch, that would be ideal.. However, if you cannot, there is always that extra strong coffee that will get you through your sugar dive.

These simple yet outstandingly well prepared dishes are what keeps us coming back, and it amply illustrates why Sage attracts such ardent worship in the first place. If you have not already visited Sage, you are missing out. But don’t worry, than can be fixed, of course;)

Lunches are priced at RM100 nett per head.



The Gardens Residences,
(same side as Isetan)
6th Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:  603 2268 1188
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  1. I haven’t! Wow, that’s indeed a reasonable price to pay for such a brilliant lunch. Only on weekdays or weekends as well?
    Hey, we really should do a long lunch there one of these days.

  2. Sage lunches are always so fabbbbb!

  3. i went sage once for dinner and was a bit underwhelmed, thought everything overall needed more OOMPH for the price. maybe was an off day? or maybe was just the result of sky high expectations walking into the place 😛

    • Timing! I don’t know what to tell ya except – definitely an off day. Sage rocks but as will all establishments, you cannot expect them to be 100% all the time 😉 Anyway, you have your favourites and I have mine;) Cheers.

  4. These are truly gorgeous photos! Worthy of a bestselling cookbook:)

  5. all these stuff looks so yummehhhh, and awesome photographs too ciki!

  6. That’s a pretty good price for the stuff you’re getting. I’m a sucker for presentation, the Hiramasa king fish looks great, same goes for the pan roasted prompfret main.

    The photography is amazing, my favorite is the foie gras from the consomme – there’s a drop of consomme at the lower right hand corner about to drip down into the soup.

    Sublime. :)

  7. I haven’t been there too!! I’m drooling at the wagyu!

  8. Looks like it’s time for a visit soon. I’ve yet to try Sage… this is so embarrassing.

  9. i have sinned! i haven’t been to this church in more than a year! 😀

  10. I’m liking those shots! What camera are u using again?

  11. Judging by the pictures, it is wise advice, you might even say sage advice, to dine at Sage.

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