It don’t have to be all scrums at the Rugby World Cup

Looking at the calendar, there are now only 5 weeks until the Rugby World Cup 2011 kicks off in New Zealand. As the date draws near, excitement takes over New Zealand as rugby fans in hopes of their national team lifting the World Cup at Eden Park start streaming into the country.

Usually, travelling to any city in New Zealand and looking for accommodation would not be a problem. However, considering that the country is bracing itself for an epic fan invasion, matters are quite different. It is well known that such popular sporting events cause hotels to be booked solid, expensive and even snooty. Fans book their accommodation months before-hand, and those who haven’t may expect coughing out a fortune or to be met by no-vacancy signs.

But all is not lost. Aspiring but slow-to-act fans, do not despair, as there are other short term accommodation options. In fact, once hooked onto this way of staying, you may be a permanent convert.

Enter Roomorama. Roomorama is your answer to travelling smarter all over the world. It is an online marketplace that connects willing hosts with travellers who believe in enjoying unique experiences without having to pay an arm and a leg. Roomorama also offers a streamlined and secure transaction system so both the host and the guest are protected. Roomorama’s in-house customer service team is available around the clock so you can rest easy that someone will be there to answer to your queries no matter which time zone you are in.

Through Roomorama, travellers are able to live like a local even though they are far away from home. Besides the Rugby World Cup, there is much more to explore in the great city of Auckland. As a Roomorama member, travellers are privy to special perks from gym classes to car hires for the day. You no longer have to worry about finding the right accommodation. Rather than staying in hotel, stay with Roomorama during the Rugby World Cup, or anywhere on your next trip. You are sure to get the privacy and comfort of a homely stay wherever you are. To get a better picture, is a video about

This is a guestpost by Roomorama.


  1. allblacks7 says:

    This is such an interesting post, I’ve never heard of such rentals in NZ before. I’m always travelling between NZ and Australia and I’m always forced to book hotel rooms for my family and sometimes just myself. Glad to read about this and I just checked out and found that they have listings in Sydney too! Interesting and can’t wait to try it next time.

    • Hi there! Glad to be of help. Roomorama is indeed a great option – and travellers are able to live like a local even though they are far away from home!! Perfect:)

  2. that’s cute- “live like a local”. Roomorama looks awesome. Maybe i’ll try them next time I vacation :)

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