Where have all the dancers gone.. ?


The dark, murky atmosphere, illuminated only by incandescently lit modern art, seemed ripe for evening drinks and dinner, but a quick glance around Flamenco and it looked to us like we were seated at the only occupied table in this Spanish restaurant.  Located at Plaza Damansara in Damasara Heights, Flamenco was once the first ever in KL to serve flavours of the Mediterranean – the first Spanish Tapas restaurant is it were. The glory days seem to be a thing of the past, but we, both me and Eat Drink KL, were determined to have dinner here, and so, here we are.


For indecisive diners, tapas allows for a culinary exploration of the Spanish peninsula, so order an assortment as you pour yourself a pitcher of sangria. We started with the red. Fruity and light with just the right amount of alcohol, Flamenco still does a good Sangria. Not as dirty as Eat Drink KL would have liked it , and by that I mean he usually likes to get floored, but good enough for me.


The Feta Cheese starter is a good introduction, complemented by a savory chunk of bread or eaten just as it is, is a crunchy ball that gives way to a molten center. Super tender, Oxtail that comes less artfully arranged in a black heap, is a hearty slab of cartilaginous meat that totally melts in your mouth. A real winner. The Spinach with Pinenuts, Garlic Prawns and Sauteed Mushrooms were addictively garlicky. We were surprised at how good the tapas was, especially since this place looks relatively deserted. What a shame, I think Flamenco deserves a better influx of clientèle considering the quality of food that they serve. Maybe they just need to reinvent themselves, like some of the older eateries in town.


Flamenco gets its paella right, too, serving salty, ample portions of seafood – a good  mix of mussels, clams, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables but the only grouse from Eat Drink KL was was too little rice came with this classic dish. It was a case of all seafood, hardly any rice. Ah yes, super generous with the seafood indeed, but I wished that they had not skimped on the Saffron. The tapas here averages RM12 – 16 and the Seafood Paella RM48.00. The Sangria at Flamenco can be served either by the glass or by the jug, at RM60 per jug.

Cumi: Thank heavens this place doesn’t blast Gypsy Kings music!

22 & 22M, Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone number: 03 2093 0032
Fax number: 03 2093 2931
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 12-3pm, 6pm-12am.
Weekends 6pm-12am
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  1. I will want to try some cheese starter..beautiful food pictures again.

  2. But more seafood than rice would make a better Paella, no?

  3. gosh, your photo of the paella is pure perfection. the spanish government should offer to buy it from you and display it in a special exhibition dedicated to the world’s best portraits of paella! really! 😀

  4. The paella looks soooo good….

  5. the paella looks simple yet delicious! i love lotsa seafood on mine! :p

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  6. Mmm.. I love Spanish foods, tapas & paella tops :)

  7. Prince William and her Royal Highness says:

    We receive great joy in reading your wonderful write ups. It keeps us amused and informed about the wonderful life in South East Asia. We might just visit Malaysia after our visit to California. Splendid work and utterly beautiful images.

  8. Looks authentic enough, and so is the price …close to european prices too!

  9. find the place a tad pricy leh… food’s slightly above average..

  10. Thank you for reminding me about this place. You are right, its one of those restaurants that have faded into the background over the years. My friends and i used to go all the time, still remember the gorgeous velvety liver pate. Okay, must visit real soon!

  11. Looks like tasty food and sangria– elements of a fantastic evening :) I’m fascinated by your Google Map. Is all of KL laid out in a swirly, circular pattern?

  12. I thought this post would be about dancing, but Im not disappointed at all, the food looks fantastic!

  13. Paella. *swoons*

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