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Setapak, is about as foreign as it gets, to me. Pusat Penjaja Air Panas (Hot Water/Spring Hawker Center) is affectionately known in Chinese as “Yeet Siu Pasak”. It used to be situated just next to Restoran Talipon in Setapak, KL. The name is derived from the hot spring landmark, not too far way from the hawker center. Anyway about 9 months ago, the entire hawker center vacated its old premises and moved to a cleaner more organized location just further along the road.

Well you might ask, what is the significance of Pusat Penjaja Air Panas. It really is, in our books, the best place for Chinese stir fried noodles, to date. The noodles are fabulously fried, yet cheap, and that magical wok filled aroma is hard to top.

Some of our past post on why Setapak is one of our favourite parts of town for food.. Hot Springs Wet Market,ย  More great hawker food in Setapak, and Pusat Penjaja Air Panas.


The worn out Hennessy boxes attest to the number of Hennessy Fried Lor Mien this place has cooked. They also hang like bold beacons daring you to question the stuff their noodles are made of. Bold indeed. I love this place!


This is the signature Hennessy Lor Mien (Fat yellow noodles in thick broth). There is always a generous amount of tong fun (glass noodle) in there too, which adds texture. The first time I ever ate here, I was doubtful if the Hennessy taste would even be noticeable. Of course we are now believers and can attest to the fact that the Hennessy flavour permeates the entire bowl of Lor Mien. Sometimes I get a little giddy from the heat, and the booze!ย  The smooth texture of the eggy broth, made thicker by chunks of delicious, soft pieces of pork is to die for. They are generous with massive crunchy prawns too and all this for just RM11. It really blows my mind how something this tasty, and of such fantastic quality, can be this cheap. You have to try this.


Another super duper concoction at the Hennessy Lor Mien hawker is the Lala -Yue Pien Chow Maifun (shellfish and fish fillets fried in vermicelli noodles) in a sweet seafood broth, heavy with Chinese wine. Ah.. this had us lapping up every last drop of soup. It was that good. Chinese wine, Ginger and coriander addicts will love this one! RM11 per bowl.. the magic number.


Oh, but noodles are not the only fabulous thing you can find here.


Presenting my latest addiction. Deep fried pig’s intestine in porridge/congee. What can I say. The photo speaks for itself – crunchy, plump little bodies of deep fried intestine in the sweetest pork congee you can think of. This cost only RM5. Oh, eat it and weep! (and then eat it again.. because it’s cheap and you can;))


Apart from our favourite Hennessy cook, the other neighbouring stalls are just as good for food. This place can do no wrong. There seems to be an epidemic of good cooking in this neighbourhood. I swear it’s contagious.


Excellent Marmite Pork.


Hokkien char bihun ( Hokkien styled fried vermicelli in pork lard)


The mountainous ice-kacang

Setapak Penjaja Air Panas1

Setapak seems to have a J Bieber following too. Very trendy indeed.



Hennessy Lor Mien Hawker Stall,
Pusat Penjaja Sementara,
Jalan Air Panas,
Setapak, KL.
Non Halal.
GPS: N03.18913, E101.71785
[map id=”1″]


  1. Phwoar, the lor mein looks good!! And what a lot of intestines topped on the porridge!

    • Yes, value for money. Me and Cumi eat hawker regularly and this is one of the cheapest places for good chinese food to date. We never got sick eating here either so it is pretty clean by our standards;)

  2. Isn’t that lady a bit old for a Justin tattoo? Yikes! Love the photos– the food lucks yummy!

  3. gorgeous pixs dahling! Makes me wanna lick the screen.

  4. You know what happens when you eat too much pig intestine don’t you!!!

    But yummy yellow noodles in Malaysia I do like!! Major Slurps!!

    Who’s beiber? It must be a fake???

    P.S. Go see Thor!!

  5. I still haven’t been here yet! Looks like it would be great if they did everything alcohol-infused! Hennessey lor mien, Chinese wine Chow maifun, Vodka porridge, kahlua ais kacang ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Justin Beiber? ZOMG! Kill me now.

    Wail! You’ve not brought me there yet!

  7. that “tattoo” is too much la. lol

  8. OMG. The Cult of Bieber is growing!!!

  9. LOL at the JB tattoo! What’s with people and that boy?!

  10. Marian Eu says:

    Yum! The Lor Meen, the pig’s intestine porridge and the ice kacang. Weren’t we supposed to eat there one night nany months ago?

  11. Beautiful photo essay on food. 11RM for that Hennessy Lor Mien? I need to go visit you soon, because that’s very affordable! :)

  12. Oh the food really looks heavenly. Just had a bowl of the fried intestines congee at Chinatown Hon Kee’s outlet in Taipan. Any comparison please?

    Btw, the last pic’s really entertaining. The aunty obliged, or was it a sneaky shot? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Haha … that aunty wont be pleased that her obsession has now become viral! :)

    Anyway, so this was the place you and Monkey intended to bring me last time huh? Then we ended up at Daorae.

  14. Thanks for the coordinates so that we can head for some drunkenness soon ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. You brought me back to my childhood and teenage years! I used to study in Air Panas. During secondary school days, my friends and I would venture out to the hawker centre for lunch.

    I totally agree with you: the best pig’s intestine congee, the ice-kacang that has atapchee and sea coconut in it(!)… they used to sell really good pan mee and vegetarian-style nasi lemak there as well. Wonder if they still do…

  16. Has this lor mee moved? I’ve been visiting for a couple of times but close. Or has it been moody with its business hour?

  17. Nola.. it still there as i go there for weekend pasar pagi shopping. Last time it used to be opposite the playground. Now move to small shop beside the old site. You can see it beside the old pusat komuniti air panas. Hope this helps ^^

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