The Deli, Micasa

This is a deli for foodies, a deli for a new generation of deli lovers, with a hankering for contemporized deli dining, and an emphasis on great, fresh ingredients, with orders taken and served by a one man show.  The place is small, neat and unpretentious.

The chicken pate, hand-sliced into succulent shards, with bits of foie gras scattered around its pink body, encased in a respectable lightly toasted wholemeal bread, is what we came here for.  Puckering up over sour pickles and biting into a very healthy chunk of this sandwich brings back a cherished old deli nostalgia. The chicken pate is really living up to expectations. What can I say, the menu, read off a chalkboard on the wall is nascent, the pickles still pickling and the waiter still running about serving. Today really makes a nice change from restaurant lunching. I am glad I came.


The chicken pate with foie bits

Our foursome, eager to taste everything again, eat with the innocence of the days when calories were counted, but not much, and cholesterol hadn’t been invented. Sides of crisp chunks of french fries with the potato skin still on them, make a delicious amuse-bouche.This place serves french fries with almost everything.

A RM17.00 portion of the dark, grown-up, deliciously meaty duck leg confit is enough for a couple of bites each. We fight over who gets to chew the fat off the bone.


Duck leg Confit- RM17.00

And now we’re on to sharing a sensational mushroom sandwich,  thickly primitive and shockingly tasty. Then somebody gets the wise idea of adding greens to our predominately carnivorous meal and we order the salads. The baby spinach salad looked like a morning after the first snow. The Nicoise salad looked like a garden in spring. How pretty is that?


The Mushroom Sandwich- RM17.00



The Baby Spinach Salad (RM15.00) – when nobody was looking, it snowed in KL!



The Nicoise Salad (RM15.00) – Spring on my plate..


And then the sun rose over the land, spilling its yellow rays all over the place!


The Chicken Pate Sandwich (RM20.00) comes with a generous portion of french fries


The Deli Micasa

The Pithivier (RM10.00) served with ice-cream.

This tastes like flaky, buttery croissant on the outside, with a rich, dense, sweet sugee in the middle. So very delicious!


Ice-creams in all the hot flavours – creamy and thick these were only RM5 per scoop.

The Deli Micasa1

Dunk you marshmallows in coffee (RM7.00 per cup) for added flavour!



Address :
The Deli,
MiCasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2179 8082
Fax: +603 2164 3730

Google Maps (N03° 9.416′ E101° 43.351′)


  1. Oh for the sun and her yellow rays! I *heart* molten egg yolks lava-ing and spilling out… Yums! 😀

  2. I see some vegetarian options here– and they look delicious! You should try a traditional Jewish deli in NYC. They offer humongous sandwiches (Cumi and Ciki would barely be able to eat one, together) and are a part of New York history :)

    • I know Les! I cannot wait to come to NY and try one of those hugeass kickass pastrami sandwiches. they are infamous! (I know u r vegetarian so u can have the salad.. haha)

  3. Oooh. Looks good. Now if only it weren’t so darn far away from my office! :(

  4. Great photos woman! Love the shot of the Nicoise salad with the yolk spilling out. 😉

  5. Love the food at The Deli esp the duck confit. Eh I thought the icecream was RM10 per scoop?

  6. Mushroom Sandwich!!! How smart. I think it’s the first time vegetable sandwich looks good. haha! :) Stunning photos, as always.

  7. Sandwiches and salad never looked this sexciting! That Nicoise is a sight for sore frigid eyes indeed! 😛

  8. Such a nicely written piece! Love the analogy of snow falling and spring coming and the sun spilling the rays! Beautiful! Makes me want to take a bite of that succulent chicken pate sandwich now 😛

  9. so if i dont feel full in cilantro, i can now grab an extra bite here? cool!

    • when Boo walked past Cilantro they nearly grabbed her, thinking she was going there for lunch. mwuahaha.. we have found another love .. oo! who will break the news.. 😉

  10. All these are making me very hungry N.O.W.

  11. such a beautifully runny egg in that salad! i want an egg right now to warm up my chilly afternoon in this arctic air-conditioned office! 😀

  12. Wow, the food looks very nice!
    Anyway, i have added your blog into my blogroll.
    Hope that you might add mine too, thanks! =]

  13. Mushrooms!!! I love Mushrooms!!! Do you grow your own in Malaysia, or are they the dried Chinese type mushrooms?

    I hope they are fresh, I think you have the climate :))

  14. Your pictures are so nice la … WAAA… makes me want to eat there again.. TMRW! lol

  15. Seeing the egg on top of the salad…reminds me of the “Yuit Kong Hor” you can get at dai chou’s 😛

    I is hungers now, no thanks to your pictures 😛

  16. Good lord that nicoise salad looks amazing and oh so jealous of your cheese options!

  17. Mushrooms…. my favorite too. Yum Yummmy!

    Genting has mushroom farms growing several varieties of these.

  18. next time u go here call me ah…that duck confit has my name written all over it. i could hear it call mah name…eff beee beeeeeeeeeeeee, eff bee beeeeeeee, come eatttt meeeee

  19. Wah.. not bad lah. Good place for brunch. This weekend then!

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