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Next Stop Daikanyama!

It’s time to escape the confines of city life. Take a ride and surrender yourself to the birth of a new subculture of hip and happening bohemia.. at Daikanyama, Japan, right here in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, MARAYSIA (said in your best Japanese accent please).



Moo Beef Teri Salad – Salad greens with grilled beef; Soba with Prawn Salad – Green salad, pan fried prawns and soba served with sesame sauce; Nasu Dengaku – Deep fried eggplant topped with special miso paste


Scallop pizza – pan fried scallop topped with shimeji and enoki on a crisp wafer; Lamb Yaki – grilled lamb with sweet teriyaki sauce



Salmon Truffle Oil Tataki – Fresh salmon grilled with truffle oil; Chawan Mushi with smoked duck – steamed egg custard; Unagi Tofu Age – deep fried eel and tofu with Daikanyama (DKYM) garlic sauce


Saikoro Steak – Pan fried beef cutlets with Wafu sauce; California Cheese Maki – Crabstick, avocado, cheese and eel; Softshell crab with Salmon Maki – Soft shell carb wrapped with salmon topped with DKYM special spicy sauce




What I like most about the food at Daikanyama is that it employs ordinary but fresh ingredients, to create something extraordinary. A lot of people don’t like Japanese fusion but I think everything has its place. Heck, when I travel internationally, I find I actually love the food at Nobu and even Master Chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa is known world-wide for his innovative food that fuses Peruvian cooking with his traditional Japanese techniques. As such I feel that a little bit of fusion does in fact, add color to the soul. Sometime I like it in the form of a traditional kaiseki and sometimes, I like it fusion. So sue me. If you want to be snobbish about your Japanese food, then this is not the place for you. If you like to have fun with your mates, drink the night away and want to sink your teeth into something with some meat to it, food that is as fun loving as the owner, then Daikanyama will have the perfectly concocted dish, for every single shot of sake-tini you have in mind.

My favourites of the night were the salmon with truffle oil, as well as the lamb yaki and saikoro steak, although most of it was good anyway. Something robust that will not wilt under a heavy drinking session – even the owner Edwin attest to the fact that patrons tell him, “Oey, this dish is not strong enough la”.

I like them it Strong. Do you?

No. 42 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +6012 971 0058
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  1. even from the one time i have been here, this is an awesome place for some drinking and eating, just a crap place to find parking.

  2. Unagi tofu and scallop pizza both look amazing. Actually, let’s get serious, it all looks amazing. I love the innovation with classic flavours here!

  3. Gosh, they keep getting more and more imaginative with their recipes here! A playful menu is what a lotta other japanese restaurants lack, heheh

  4. Why am I yet to experience sushi? Sigh.

  5. your pics are just beautiful! and jon is so funny!

  6. Such a darling post! Forgot we ate so much!

  7. wow!! I smell the jolly season on the way… and all of you have started celebrating already :)

  8. I love Daika! But I don’t like the traffic in that area no more. :-(

  9. I also am in love with the Japanese fusion at Daikanyama – and I am a purist! The food, cocktails, service and ambiance are superb…can’t wait to visit again.

    Posted the pics from my visit 30 November:


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  10. I liek these shots alot. They’re very different that other photos in ur blog. I guess maybe the color and feeling. Seems like u guys had great time together. U look so cute as always.

  11. For me : no porc, no beef. So will try Soba with Prawn Salad & Salmon Truffle Tataki! Thanks for the info, Ciki! Can’t wait to visit KL!

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