Happy Cones Ipoh

Another one of my ex-colleagues has started up his own business in Ipoh. I am so proud of him!

It’s called Happy Cones and they are in the business of making ice-creams and yogurt fixes for everybody! OK, maybe not everybody but mainly Tesco shoppers and visitors from KL or outside Ipoh, like moi.


Presenting Happy Cones! That’s right, this place is situated just as you enter Tesco Extra, right in front of the Medan Selera (Food Court).


What so great about this ice-cream? Well, I actually love the milky, creamy texture of the vanilla ice-cream.


Not only that, for the health conscious, there is the yogurt which is tangy and sourish but superbly creamy. This one has lower calories than the regular ice-cream but if you ask me , tastes even better;)


The Happy Sundae Yogurt comes with toppings of berry, chocolate or caramel to chose from and costs around 5 ringgit, is even cheaper than Tutti Frutti, but tastes just as good.


The Berry topping goes well with yogurt .. but I had mine with chocolate because I am a choc addict. Still tasted great though.


Approximately RM5 for the sundae yogurt with topping.


Add some crackle n pop..


Happy Sundae Yogurt with extra koko krunch topping – RM5.70


He made us eat all this!


Great for the family with kids..


Great for shoppers catching a breather. All ice-cream served at Happy Cones is certified HALAL.


Located outside the Medan Selera of the Tesco Extra entrance, Ipoh.


  1. Thumbs up for industrious friends & ex-colleagues! And for what must a good location – the family crowd means lots of little kids clamouring for something cold and sweet. :)

  2. Pricing strategy is a bit of a challenge in Ipoh

  3. ooh, the koko krunch adds a cool textural twist! makes it more interesting than the fast food sundae variety ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Perfect name, ice cream always make me happy!

  5. These photos are making me hungry! I could use an ice cream right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. is this his own brand or franchise… pls e-mail me how to contact him/her

  7. is it your own brand or franchise. how to contact the person in charge

  8. Pacman Radee says:

    thehehe..i’m the one who designed his menu(only the menu, not the logo).but it was changed when i went there a couple days ago..it’s kinda degrade..i bet mine was better..LoL..!

  9. Pacman Radee says:

    strawberry yogurt sundae is the best..at least for me..theheheeh

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