My, oh My.. Mai Ramen!

More food porn to ease the harangued mind. This week’s theme is definitely, eat your noodles and find that happy place!

Here are 5 good reasons why we, i.e. me and my colleagues, like this new-ish ramen joint for unwinding after a hard days work..

1. This place has great but unconventional beer food/snacks:

I mean, give me peanuts, chips etc, and I am pretty happy, but give me thin slices of fatty, succulent pork and you get a standing ovation. Very delicious , very salty.. a trick to get you to drink more? So be it.. pass me another Beer now please!

jikasei chasyu/roasted sliced pork – RM5.00


2. Working for a Japanese company and all,ย  this place has our favourite beers available.. Kampai!

Kirin and Asahi in abundance here.. no contest.. you will find us drinking here after work at least a few times a week for sure.

Kirin beer, Asahi beer – RM 18, RM16

Mai Ramen

3. This place has braised pork stuffed into the sweet inari.. man, does life get any better than this?

All the main food groups to make you woes disappear – carbohydrates, sugars and fats.. all rolled up in an INARI.. wow. Heaven on earth:P

mai inari/ which is essentially the buta kakuni (stewed pork meat) in inarizushi – RM8.90


4. The murkiest, porkiest Ramen noodles this side of Petaling Jaya that you will find

If there is one thing this ramen shop has perfected it would be their pork dishes. We all agreed that whilst the sashimi salads were OK,ย  and the Yakitori so-so (a little hard/dry) the stewed pork dishes were done so well, it would keep us coming back to eat here,ย  for a while yet. The softness of the fats and the tenderness of the meat is just phenomenal – a must try!

buta kakuni ramen set with gyoza (ramen with stewed pork and gyoza) – RM22.90


praiseworthy gyoza too – small but generously packed with meaty pork

Mai Ramen1

5. A good selection of Yakitori

If ramen is not your thing, they serve salads and yakitori here too. Not as good as the other dishes but passable.

kushiyaki moriawase/ assorted skewered grills – RM16.90


Mai Ramen Cafe
13-6, Block D, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya
Google Maps


  1. Mai Mai Mai… looks absolutely Oishi! Since it’s so near my place, I might just have to check it out! How ya been girl?


  2. Oooh, those are five very good reasons to go for ramen (which is a firm fave of mine anyway); the sixth would be we’d get to call Cumi & Ciki out to join us! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. ahhhh, ‘dai suki’
    i wanna come here liaoooo

  4. Awesome pics! I love ramen…

  5. this is making me want to go find some ramen joint to slurp some noodles later!

  6. Oooooh tempting sahaja! I must try.

  7. Oh my my. Oishi! I want too :)

  8. Came here a few weeks ago, love the ramen & the warm service :)


  10. Thanks for the great ramen suggestion! Your blog is one of my faves. I’ve just included it in “10 Food Blogs You’ll Love” on .

  11. I really, really like this post. Not only is roasted sliced pork so very bad, that it’s good. But, I really like that you’ve added prices to things on the site!

    I can now start bookmarking places I can afford to eat myself. And, places I have to force Cumi and Cikay to take me too :)

  12. o wow, I love ramen noodle and gyoza. They are so delicious and you shot them beautifully. What camera and lens did you use? Were they in natural light suituaton, because the lighting are great!

  13. i lurve ramen… more than their fatter counterparts, udon and soba…i am sooo going here. got pork sum more.

  14. wanted to go there the last time but can’t cos have a muslim friend with me… the ramen looks good!

  15. Amen for Ramen eh? Love the shots, the camera becomes you I swear…. my fave has got to be the buta kakuni ramen!

  16. Gorgeously done. Love those murky broth, boiled from pig’s bones for hours prior.
    Ramen’s good especially when the night’s cold.

  17. David LFB:
    call us if you are in the area.. we don’t mind getting our ramen fix either;)

    aiwei, leslie, cravings joe:
    tell me about it.. just looking at the shots again makes me wanna slurp some ramen.. and the pork bits are perfection in a bowl. Cannot ask for more:P

    apple, christine, mimi, neko, sonya:
    I think you guys are fans of the ramen just like moi, right? This place is clean, air-conditioned and not that expensive. I really like it.

    Eiling, Munkey, j2kfm:
    thanks for the compliments;) Ramen time!

    the OLY;)

    fbb, lfb:
    ramen is thinner than udon yes:P CALL ME! LOL

    • Had dinner here finally – tonite with my old BodyBalance friend & her hubby… and the stewed pork rocks the house! So meltingly fat and tender. The ramen noodles and stock could be more al dente and thicker/porkier though, respectively. Good find overall. I’ll be back! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Great photos! I love ramen noodles … my comfort food. :o)

  19. Yupe ramen here is nice. Suit my taste a lot.

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