What brings these shiny, happy, energetic people together on a fine afternoon?

Is it shopping? photography? bogus haircuts ?

.. Nope.

Max ihaus-3

What brings them together is actually KL’s legendary, less than RM30 per pax  lunch at Max’s.

Max@iHaus is a cool joint off Jalan Bukit Bintang that offers great fine-dining in the evenings and equally fantastic food for its super affordable set lunches during the week. I am talking about a drink plus a choice of Starters and Mains for  ONLY JUST  RM 25++.

Max ihaus

So unbelievably good a deal that the food bloggers, the writer, the baker and the travel blogger went a bit loony..

But seriously folks,

Choose between Marinated Feta Cheese Salad with Olives and raspberry Vinaigrette or Pumpkin Soup with Caneloni Beans for Starters,

And for Mains, Choose between Charbroiled Chicken Chop with Chardonnay Rosemary Sauce or, Oven Baked Butterfish with Thyme Jus and Sauteed Potatoes or, Smoked ducked Breast with Olio Spaghetti..

Throw in Coffee /Tea and a dessert for another RM14, and call it a lovely afternoon out to lunch with the posse.

About the place Max@iHaus:

iHaus is a German Interior Showcase that houses international brand names in furniture. It is located off Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and they offer everything under one roof, be it raw materials to finished products as well as interior architectural design.  Whilst visiting ihaus, the idea is that one would be enticed to dine at Max at iHaus  – fantastic fine dining, great modern cuisine while you make your decision on just which piece of imported furniture to buy. Of course Max@iHaus has now made such a name for itself that people just come for the wonderful food, even if they are not buying furniture.

The ravenous suspects featured were:

@fatboybakes @alilfatmonkey @paranoidandroix @kennymah @delectablesu @velvetescape


Lot No 32 Jalan Jati
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. I still say that collage is missing a lil extra Ciki flava to it… 😉

    But what a gorgeous lunch! We should go back sometime soon ya?

  2. LOL. What’s with the hairy shennanigans? :)

  3. Love the first shot of me and the Su. So cute…oh yeah, where’s YOUR shot?

  4. warghh so cheap!

  5. If its got feta cheese, i want it!

  6. the set lunches that you were talking about… only on weekdays or weekends? you know me… only in KL on weekends 😛

  7. For your info, The chef Max chin is no longer attached to iHaus from Sept. His new and upcoming restaurant will be revealed soon in October! So stay tuned!

  8. it’s really “tei toe larn”!!! hehe

  9. hihi~Buaya Jess crawls over to ur blog ^^ I am interested to try this restaurant!

  10. Too bad I had to work that day or else I could hve been part of your wonderful collage. Thxs for the great reminder on what value-for-money set lunches Max serves.

  11. Love it! :) I love how you did with all the faces. That, friendsa make food taste better, joke funnier, and make us happier! :)

  12. LFB, J, Munkeyboy:
    I did not have any photos of me.. wail! coz i was taking the photos!

    KY , Dave, Leo:
    very affordable indeed. we went of a weekday;) Dave.. you cheese addict! beware the headache you get:P

    Eiling, Babe, Jessyca:
    cannot wait to try his new restaurant!

    Boo & Juno:
    we missed both of you! hehe;)

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