Ramadhan Buffet at Rama V

Where else can one eat like the great King Chulalongkorn for just RM75++?


This holy month of Ramadhan, break fast

with your loved ones, colleagues or buddies at Rama V..


Check out the finest Thai spread that this restaurant has to offer,


make a date ,


to freshen up and re-energize,


this is a no brainer..



get strong and rejuvenated with “muscles” and oysters..


be overwhelmed by the egg-cellent spread..



roll over and be amazed..


by the colorful Chor Ladda,


because it’s nuts!


spice up your life with TomYam..


and always end your night,


on a sweet note..


Rama V’s Buka Puasa Menu covers all the colors of the rainbow,


Stick with the programme..


and enjoy all that Rama V has to offer..


Selamat Berbuka Puasa!

*thank you Andre of Rama V for the invite to buka puasa at your fantastic restaurant. It was a great party!

Food featured above:
Appetizers Chả Giò-Spring Roll, Tod Mun Pla Krai-Fish Cake, Chor Ladda-Flower shaped dumplings stuffed with minced chicken and peanut, Thung Ngen Young-Deep fried minced chicken and shrimp wrapped in bean curd, Fresh Oysters-Imported Fresh Oyster with Thai Sauce, Fresh Green Mussels-New Zealand Steamed Mussel, Kurma-Imported Turkish Dates,
Salads Som Tam-Spicy papaya salad with peanuts, Yam Nue-Egg Plant beef salad, Yam Yai-Mixed vegetable salad served with shrimp and chicken, Ulam-ulam-Fresh Green Vegetables
Soup Tom Kar Kai-Spicy chicken soup with coconut milk
Main Courses Kao Ob Sab Pa Rod-Stir-fried pineapple rice with shrimp coral, Pad Thai Kai-Thai fried noodles with shrimps, Steamed Rice-Pra Chon Pad Prik King, Crispy fried fish with Rama V sweet dried chili sauce, Kai Pad Mamuam-Chicken fried with cashewnut & dry chili, Gaeng Ka Ree Kai-Yellow chicken curry with sweet potato, Hor Mok Kung-Otak-otak prawns, Mussaman Nue-Mussaman style beef, Stir-fried Four Angel Beans with Belacan-Ka Na Pra Kem, Kailan fried with salted fish-Pra Meong Tod Krathiam, Deep fried squid with garlic
Dessert Assorted Mixed Fruits-Lod Chong Nam Kati, Jelly, Mango Sticky Rice
Condiments Sambal Belacan, Chicken & Shrimps Sauce, Rama V Special Spicy Sauce
Drinks Coffee / Tea, Teh Tarik
5, Jalan U-Thant,
Tel: 60 3 2143 2428
Open Hours
Lunch: noon-3pm daily.
Dinner: 6p-11pm daily.
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  1. Wow, now this is breakfast!! Everything here looks so good. And dates!! Not eaten dates for so long. Such a shame good food like this is not available over here so easily.

    So lucky you are 😛

  2. CEPATnya ber-posting! :)

  3. 75++ is worth it considering the prices of their ala carte menu.

  4. Ahhhhhhhh my fav local Thai restaurant. RM75++ is cheap considering how much we usually spend per pax there. 😉

  5. That was fast! Not even 24 hours…and your post is up. *salute*

  6. I want!! If there has to be one Ramadhan spread that I succumb to, it will have to be this!

  7. short and sweet, here don’t have buka puasa la!!

  8. Extremely tempting spread…… am on my way this evening!

  9. Pity I missed this. Would have satiated my craving for Thai food nicely before going home.

  10. That just looks so delicious! Although that green sweet thing looks a little funny, what is it?

  11. The Chor Ladda looks very good but what is it ah?

  12. Gratitude, J , Rebecca :
    I totally agree that this is a value for money feast. Granted that some places serve even more food, but not at the prices shown above. Rama V rocks!

  13. Dave:
    i love dates too! especially the expensive ones with nuts inside:)

  14. Bbabe, Minchow, Joe:
    Fast leh.. LOL, well what is the point of posting it if Ramadan is already over right? must fast track la:P

  15. GFAD:
    ya la.. why you ciao so fast ar 😛

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