Mr. Mak’s Fish Head

When we read on Pureglutton about her losing and finding her favourite Fish Head Noodles, we heaved a big sigh..

Sighhhhh. When were we going to be as lucky as Ms. Pureglutton and find our Lost Sweet and Sour Pork Man, we wondered. If only the stars look upon us as favorably and reveal the whereabouts of.. the BEST Kow Low Yoke (sweet and sour pork) on earth!

Anyway, if you know Pureglutton, you will know that she has pretty excellent taste in food, so being Cumi & Ciki, we just had to go sniff out that trail for ourselves.


Mr Mak was not hard to find. His coffee shop is named Restoran Kopitiam Que-up and if you follow Pureglutton’s directions you will find it easy. You can actually see the huge sign from the main road but you will need to double back for the turning as it will be on the opposite side of the road.

There you see Mr. Mak using that special ingredient that transforms the sweet fish broth into a murky white whirlpool of hidden pleasures. Evaporated milk!


Mr Mak’s Fish head noodles is different from other fish head noodles because it is not as sour. He uses very little, if any at all, of that souring agent- Ham-choy (salted vegetables) in his concoction. Still the soup is rich, creamy and full of aroma, minus the sour edge. There is a selection of noodles to choose from but we picked the fatter “lai fun” (rice noodles) and this was excellent. Chewy and springy, it was the perfect thing to go with the generous amount of fish head, fish fillet, tomatoes,vegetables and tofu in the broth.


For just RM6.50, the tomyam is bursting with expensive ingredients. Massive prawns, clams and fishballs, this Tomyam noodle is really spicy and strong tasting. The noodles you see here are the fish paste noodles. Fattest of all the noodles in size, it has a fishier taste than the normal rice noodles. Delicious. Highly recommended.


RM5 for an extra plate of Fried Fillet – Ikan Jenahak (Golden Snapper)

Crunchy and delicious  but ours was a little over fried and too salty. That’s what you get for arriving late. We got there around 2.30pm! Not much of a queue but most of the good stuff was finished. Mr. Mak’s is a great find. Thanks for sharing the love , Ms. Pureglutton. Much obliged.

Mr Mak’s Fish head Noodles,
Restoran Kopitiam Que-up,
Subang Perdana Court 2 in USJ.
Subang Jaya


  1. i like the “effects” you put onto the picture! sadly fish head noodles in melbourne, i can only dream..

    • LOL, thanks joe.. well, you will be back soon.. and its not like your in Canada or something, you’re only 7 hours away for crying out loud! hah:P

  2. Looks so yummy!

  3. Fried filet looks awesome. Wow I’m hungry :)
    Really good price, right? Just 6.50 RM and that great dish… Would love to try some!!! :-)

  4. Description of missing pan mein uncle and aunty. Err…Err…Very grumpy and grouchy, won’t look up when they take your order but miraculously order will appear on table. *dang* this was all before the advent of the digital camera, so no pics!

    Is the description enough for watson to help look for missing pan mein uncle/aunty? LOL. ayam still on the lookout for your kow low yoke.

    The Tom Yum looks like it is to die for lar :)

  5. love the effects too :)
    but this one in subang… so far one. awww

  6. y’know, i think i’ve only had fish head noodles twice in my life. i need to start compiling a list of places that serve it, and check em all out, one by one! 😀

  7. Oh wow, remember reading this on Pure Glutton’s too and made a big mental note to go and down a bowl or two! It sounds pretty easy to locate, even if the rest of USJ is one big foreign country to me! I think I’m going to hit it this weekend!

  8. So glad you like Mr Mak’s noodles, Ciki, hehe! So sorry I couldn’t join you that day – was grooming my doggies & missed your sms by an hour! And thanks for the mention here – very privileged to be linked from your blog! :-))

  9. Not a fan of battered no fried fish, spoils the flavor. But the tomyam looks good, and I think affordable

  10. I have been craving for this the last few days :) Hey I would love to have this post for our Muhibbah Malaysian Monday event :)

  11. USJ is like Cheras to me. Like Foreign. Hardly venture into it. But i like a good Fish Head Noodles. Perhaps it’ll tempt me there one day. ONNNNNEEE DAY!!

  12. Love those in KL with lots of evaporated milk, as opposed to the ones here in Ipoh. More like clear broth.

  13. I just had a quick lunch alone at Mr. Mak’s several weeks ago… the fish head noodle was as good as I remembered & the fish fillet was a delight :) parking was not a problem but to get there from PJ was a headache. Luckily I had some works to do nearby

  14. well…got a really nice one if you like Fish Fillet as mush as I do (compared to fish head).
    cassian kitchen cafe at Subang jaya SS15 is really very good.
    big fish fillet, really special noodle they use, soup also very tasty too. just great.
    location can find out at their website:
    Best is what I can say about their Noodle.

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