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Feeling anaemic? Want to eat the Best Steak in Kuala Lumpur?

During the month of April, Prime introduced for the first time, the Wagyu thick skirt steak. What this means is now, more people can enjoy the great quality of a Wagyu steak without paying exorbitant prices. This humongous steak is priced at approximately RM 100 only for 220 grams, a great price for an excellent hunk of red meat. Did I mention it’s Wagyu?!

Apparently people rarely get to eat this cut of beef, because  in general it is coveted by butchers and chefs themselves. (i.e. the butchers grab the good stuff before it has a chance to arrive on the table). How would I describe this cut of meat? Well, stronger tasting, but truly, a MAN’S steak. No pussyfooting around this one. Texture wise – slightly tougher than the regular Wagyu but still an incredibly soft and succulent cut of meat. The price really takes the cake.


At Prime, the steak is served with diced shallots fondue and butter poached crispy Idaho potatoes, topped with a homemade BBQ sauce.

At the moment this promotion is no longer on, but due to such an amazing response, the Chef is considering adding it to the ala carte menu.

Just for comparisons sake, we actually had the regular gourmet Wagyu to see if we could tell the difference in quality.

The Certified Wagyu steak available are Australian Certified Wagyu Beef/Kobe styled (Marbling score of 6 and above). The cuts are the Sirloin 340 gram steak for RM 340 ++; the Ribeye RM 360 ++  and the Centre cut filet mignon RM 430 ++.


The Ribeye was delicious! Totally amazing and of course it was more refined in texture than the Skirt Steak. However, flavor wise, it was hard to fault the Skirt. It tasted just the same, and for that price I will definitely keep coming back for the Skirt Steak. Hmmm , this just means I have to wait for the Chef to introduce it to the Ala Carte menu again.. soon hopefully!

DSC04616We also had the pleasure of trying THE WAGYU PRIME RIB served with Idaho steak fries potato, wild forest mushroom fricassée and light black summer truffle. Priced at approximately RM480 per kg it was also a gorgeous hunk of “prime” meat.

Expensive, exquisite.

Make no mistake, you are paying top dollar for only the finest.

Apart from that, what I also like about dining at Prime, is that they have approximately 350 different varieties of wines from all over the world offered at the Sommelier’s table. That’s just crazy!

What can I say. Prime. A great place to splurge on a meat eater’s meal. Highly recommended.

Thank you Cheryl Lum for inviting me, Cravings Joe and A lil Fat Monkey to dine! She says it’s just for catching up , But I could not pass up the chance to blog this place because it’s just too fine to ignore;)

Prime also bakes their own bread.


This is served at the restaurant and is also available for take-away.

Le Meridien,
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
KL Sentral
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Phone: (60)(3) 2263 7888
GPS: 3.135631,101.686476
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  1. I feel the Carnivore in me rising out as I lap up every word and salivate over each drool-worthy picture… Excellent! 😀

  2. prime’s monthly promo for may also has me tantalized … a grilled 440-gram master kobe t-bone steak … but its rm488++ price tag is daunting!

  3. This is the first place we go when I get to KL. I may also look for accommodation in their kitchen, so long as the chef is there, and their is meat in stock :)

  4. Looking at all that juicy meat makes me almost want to eat beef.. 😀

    And the bread accompanying plates of butter look yarmee too!

  5. Woo.. after big Greek meal, you make me hungry again!
    Look at that. Gorgeous Mei!! 😀
    Money, worth to spend it!

  6. Skirt steak? If there’s not discernible difference, I will take the RM100+ chunk anyday! 220g is rather hefty for a light lunch. :)

    • ya right? That’s what I totally thought myself. Honestly, there isn’t a huge difference and that price for Wagyu – eat till u drop – is just insane. hmmm, as a matter of fact, i am craving one now.. again;)

  7. Nice! I oso wanna meet to catch up 😛 Hahahah…

  8. Tom Volpe says:

    That is some good looking steak, the tuna sandwich I just ate for lunch is starting to seem a little disappointing now!

  9. wah the beef looks nice. Anyways I didn’t have a good experience at Prime so I’ll give this a pass.

  10. skirt steak isnt actualy that expensive cos its a very cheap cut compared to others..or is there any other restaurant that that charges more for a wagyu skirt steak? the prime ribs on the other hand is a bomb..! i can understand the price cos between u and me, it costs almost RM200 a kg juz for the meat orders most of their supplies from my supplier too…

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