The shapes of porcine love

crispy bacon lollipop

What is circular? What is round?

A quarter rolling on the ground.

A wheel is a circle, so is the moon,

A bottle cap, or a big balloon.

mama mia pizza (serrano ham)

What is a square, with sides the same?

The wooden board for a checker game.

A slice of cheese, a TV screen,

A table napkin to keep you clean.

pork rind

What is a rectangle, straight and tall?

The door that stands within your wall.

A dollar bill, a loaf of bread,

The mattress lying on your bed.

pork chorizo sausage

These are the shapes seen everywhere:

Some are long, others round or square.

Trust me when I say, “It’s not a SIN”

But we see PORK in EVERYTHING!

~adapted from the poem “The Shape of Things”

leonardos wines

I like Leonardo’s because they are experts in preparing Pork dishes in every conceivable size, shape and flavour you can imagine. Nothing goes better with a pork than a great wine list and here at Leonardo’s you can take your pick from a selection of Villa Girardi Soave 2007 (Italian) , Concha Y Toro Sauvignon Blanc (Chile), Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir 2006 (U.S) or James Irvine Barossa Merlot 2006 (Australia). All of the above go great with any hearty pork dish on the Leonardo’s menu. Thank you Peter Yew (the G.M and Partner) and Edward Soo (Partner) and Leo’s wonderful, talented Chef, Victor Chow for hosting that night so well.

leo , the chef and the girls

Sometimes, we girls worry about our ever expanding waistlines , but to hell with it, the food here is just too irresistible. Live to diet another day.

Spanish black pig shoulder loin steak

Spanish black pig shoulder loin steak

The star of the show, for me, was the Spanish Iberian pig. I found great solace in the succulent, textured cut of  the shoulder loin and also in the savory flavors at hand.  It was easily the most successful dish of the night given the quality, portion, and price.

Pork knuckle platter

Pork knuckle platter

That said, the pork knuckle was also cooked beautifully.  No small feat, considering how a badly cooked knuckle can come out hard on the outside and rubbery, bordering on chewy on the inside.  While the inner meats of the knuckle itself were soft and flavorful, the rest of the dish was crispy and crunchy to the bite. The crackling was superb. You could say that the Pig, really put his best foot forward. The sauce was reminiscent of what folks around here might call barbecue sauce – ultimately, the herbs, seasoning and the meat flavours came together very well. The potatoes were resistant, cooked al dente.  Highly recommended.

grilled pork neck

grilled pork neck

What can I say.. This fascinating cut of the pig plus the ingredients, were fresh and high in quality- you could say that the Pig really stuck his neck out. I very much appreciated the subtle chewiness of the cartilaginous parts of the pork neck. Each bite had a pleasantly sweet aspect, yet savory as a whole. The pork neck was topped with a bit of sauce and this dish came oh- so-close to true bliss that that notion will probably be etched in your memory for a while. An infusion of flavor to the pork, a tangy sauce and a some side salad gave this dish all it needed. I could feel the meatiness of the pork hitting the sharp, crisp flavours of the vegetables and doing a nice little tango on my palate. Sublime!

leo desserts

baked apple with phyllo pastry (top), banana bread n butter pudding (bottom right), grilled mango w pink peppercorn & cardamom.

Desserts – food eaten for pleasure. What’s there not to love..?

Most notably, the Pig at Leonardo’s seems to come with one heck of a reputation and I can see how they’ve earned it. As it stands in my books, Leonardo’s is a joint that hits the mark and delivers in terms of food, wines, great ambiance and service. I highly recommend this place to any person looking of a porcine fix. You won’t leave disappointed.

Guest appearance by A lil Fat Monkey, thank you for the photos.

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Leonardo’s Dining Room & Wine Loft,
61-1 Jalan Bangkung,
Off Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya,
KL Tel: +603 2096 2226
Google Map to Leonardo’s


  1. Thank god there’s no pork in the baked apple galette! LOL, just kidding! I LOVE pork. I’m a big pork eater. I have Jewish friends and family, but that has never stopped me from eating pork!

    In the Philippines, we have this delicacy called “sisig” made of pig’s cheeks and nose deep fried with onions, pepper, and kalamansi (a local lime), then served on a sizzling plate! Believe me, it sounds awful but it’s super yummy!

  2. Live to diet another day! *lol* That’s a good line to remember when faced with such yummy food…

  3. Nice one sista banana! So happy to be a part of your post. Write more hungry food post! Make em salivate!


  5. aww, the pig went thru such lengths to sacrifice himself hor. wonder if there are any parts of him still alive wandering around in some pig farm.
    such a literary masterpiece. got poetry, got prose…. pulitzer material. and the photos, wowwwwwwweeeeeeee.
    who does KY think he’s talking to? old mother hubbard? snigger.

  6. Arggh!! Just as I woke up this morning more sober than ever, started with muesli for breakfast and feeling at peace with health etc, I am assaulted by THIS! You’re eeevil!

  7. Why oh why did I click on your link a full hour before lunch? My tummy is ze rumbling now because of you. all your fault for writing such a lovely piece with excellent pics to boot. Makes me wanna jump into my car and head down to Leonardo’s for my dose of porcine goodness NOW!

  8. haha I like the missionary position picture the best!

  9. My god! This surely is LOVE immortalised! Thank you, piggys!

    • thank u darling.. and thanks for stopping by! btw, singapore has such lush food too. the next time i came I am gonna ask hairyberry to take me makan with u and lady iron chef and keropokman!

  10. What a mouthwatering post! There is nothing better than The Pig is there!

    We’ve just spent a month in Spain and French Catalunya (more Spanish than French when it comes to food) for our Grantourismo project and we have been eating a lot of pig! And loving it!

  11. Holy cow! That is some amazingly mouth-watering article and photos!

    I’m not feeling the desserts too much, ice-cream and apple pies never really does it for me. But the three entrees, Spanish Pig Loin Steak, Grilled Pork Neck and Pork Knuckle definitely looks very tantalizing. Props!

    One question tho, how much would that meal have cost you guys, approximately? (just wondering, for comparison purposes)

  12. pork overdose!!! both u and min posted entries filled with piggy pleasures today! it’s torture for me, cos i’ll be eating at halal outlets both this evening and tomorrow! sigh…

  13. Well if I ever need some form of pig I know where to go :-) Everything looks really nice, I feel my diet is inferior despite this page just being full of pig.

  14. That’s indeed an amazing feast of PORKY delights. I’ll take the knuckle anyday.

  15. I’m with you girl! Give diet to someone else! 😀
    Nice post Mei! Lovely picture too.


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