Potty over Pudding.

Why do people eat desserts?


I for one, no longer enjoy desserts  after a meal.


I prefer them in between meals, so they don’t need to rival my dinner for stomach space.


My all time favourite dessert is you, my darling bread and butter pudding. Double splash of cream for good measure.

The way you flop on my plate makes you all the more endearing to me. Crumble though delicious, has nothing on you. Pavlova in comparison with your rich, buttery body only leaves me cold. Souffle falls under your shade and is but a past and hazy memory. You are more of a monument than the puny Tart, will ever be. You make me complete, oh my thunderous Pudding!


*This post is dedicated to all those pudding lovers out there. I see you and I raise you, one more helping!

Books on Desserts:

One of the great places for desserts,
in Kuala Lumpur can be found here:
Dua Annexe,
Jalan Tun Razak, KL
Tel: 03-2166 2066


  1. Ouch… I’m indeed not a great fan of desserts but I had so much fun in reading your post. The way you describe how you enjoy pudding… Fabulous… I can imagine you, lost in pure delight… :-)

  2. Peach Frangipane!!! Oh my lurve. 😉
    yeah, desserts bring Ppl together indeed.

  3. “Be generous with the cream.”

    Oh, I’ve been told I am very generous with my cream. 😉

  4. ah, 3rd pic i thought it’s ‘yau char kuai’

    time to revisit Dua.
    We just love the Aesop in the washroomm isn’t it?

  5. A moment on the lips – a life time on the hips!
    So sinful, but …..(sigh) …… who can resist!


  6. Evil gurl. With your tempting pudding photos! 😛

  7. Lets meet over a pot of cream! 😛

  8. Ooh look at the carrot cake! So yummy….

  9. YUM. If you talk about dessert then you shake me out of my inertia enough to actually post a comment. 😉

  10. Bread Pudding!! Me likes!

  11. not really a dessert person unless there’s special occasion :)

  12. Brother B says:

    Potty is an odd word….

  13. that’s oh! too sweet.

  14. I thought I was full until I saw this post, now I’m hungry again *sigh*. I certainly have a sweet tooth, I’ve always managed to obey my parents upbringing and wait to after dinner before having dessert though ‘_^

  15. you got me drooling babe, you got me drooling..luckily i’m at home ready this, just popped a choc to get my sweet fix! ;p

  16. bread and butter pudding! my fav!

  17. I’m quite dippy over desserts too.. 😀

    Cream comes from cows. Cows eat grass. And grass is vegetation. Therefore we are eating our daily ration of greens, no? 😉

  18. carrot cake and bread pudding!!! yummmmm…to die for!

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