I Eat Drink KL @ Basque Lane & Somo, Mt Kiara

Basque Lane & Somo1I always love meeting up with Sean of EatDrinkKL because all he does, is take me out to do crazy activities such as stuffing my face on fun food, such as Meats & Carbo dunked in Fondue..

P1010857sitting around outside under palm trees and counting the stars under the  starry starry sky,


telling me stories and making me laugh till my sides split,

P1010870plying me with alcohol, glass after glass, shooter after shooter, cocktail after cocktail..,

Basque Lane & Somoand finally, drinking it all up for me , when I cannot finish it.

Got to love the guy!

Places visited that night were:
Basque Lane @ Sunrise, Plaza Mt Kiara
Somo, Mt Kiara.


  1. *gasp*
    A movie star!

  2. lucky monkey wasn’t there. Or he’ll put me through a skewer and dunk me in that pool of cheese and eat me. Eeckkk

  3. ahhhh! cheese fondue!!! how much is it???

    sean really can eat. his blog always full of great food!!!

  4. what a great friend!

  5. i’ll say something cheesier than fondue to reciprocate: there were countless stars in the sky, but u were the bundle of sunshine that surpassed them all =)

  6. You 2 alcoholics! Why never ajak me? <- Another alcoholic.
    Haha….. :)

  7. Ahhh sounds like my kinda evening… great for maybe hmm, 5 times a week? Incidentally, I heard another validation today for this – alcohol is proof that the powers that be love us, and want us to be very happy, all the time! Whoever came up with that is sheer genius!

  8. O fondue, fondue, how much do I love you… 😛

    And man, can that Eat Drink KL fella drink hor… 😀

  9. wah sean really can drink ah!

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