Hello from Pangandaran, Java

Hi Folks! I am writing this post from the sleepy, beach town of Pangandaran. Pangandaran is a small town and a sub-district in southern Ciamis regency, West Java, Indonesia. It is located on the southern coast of Java, is excellent for surfing, and is also the midway point between Bandung and Yogyakarta, and seemed like the perfect point to break journey en route Borobudur. The tsunami  hit this area in the year 2006. We have been getting around by hired motorbike (cumi is great this) and managed to weave in and out of the fishermen villages. We even saw some old buildings left after the tsunami devastation. Apparently, back then, extensive damage was caused and hundreds were killed including a small number of foreign tourists.

map of Java – our route so far : arrival in Jakarta, on to Bandung then Pangandaran. Tomorrow, Yogyakarta.

map of Java – Bandung to Pangandaran, via Banjar Ciamis

maps from here

Upon arrival at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, we caught the Cipaganti (airport shuttle) to Bandung at Rp75,000 per person. The other alternative shuttles were Damri or Primajasa – all equally good and comfortable. We got in late last night to Pengandaran from Bandung. Tomorrow we head out to Yogyakarta by train (approximately Rp150,000 per person). Things have been going well and we are ahead of schedule so far. We only just passed through Jakarta and Bandung but plan to make it our last stop before flying back to KL, so that we can do some major factory outlet shopping. Also to meet up with Selba! Life is good, so far have been OD-ing on Nasi Padang and Soto Ayam , Bebek , Gudeg etc.. Hopefully we will walk it off some more, at the sprawling plains of Borobudor!


  1. J the chocoholic says:

    Yay! Have a great holiday baybeh! *hugs*

  2. Yay! So good to know that you reached Pangandaran safely and enjoying your time right now :)

    Can’t wait for next week to meet you two!!!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Valentine’s Day *hugs & kisses*

  3. Wah, trekking via motorbike around Pangandaran and somehow you still managed to get internet connection to post? *bows bows*

    Happy Javanese New Year to Cumi & Ciki! Hehe.

  4. Happy CNY from Ushaia, Argentina

  5. I envy you for being able to go on so many diverse places close to your home! I miss living in Asia!!!!

  6. Sounds nice brother and sista munkeys! Catch ya guys when you’re back. We’ll do chinese food! LOL

  7. *waves to Cumi & Ciki*

    have a great holiday and be safe :smile:

  8. Roadtrip indeed – what music were you listening to? ‘Days of living dangerously’ soundtrack or Vampire Weekend? Pls do tell, i need to visualize your adventure with the music in mind

  9. Have fun babe!

  10. wahh..each plc is really far frm one atr!

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