Big Tree Foot @ Pasar Pinji, Ipoh


This tree
Is not only a tree
It is a special tree,
that is always watching over you.
This tree
Is not only a tree
It is a magical tree.
That feeds you and feeds you,
Thirst is quenched,
And nerves are soothe.
This tree
Is not only a tree,
It is where everything started.
It is the tree of nourishment.


Big Tree Foot or ‘Tai Shu Keok’ in Cantonese has the most amazing Yong Tau Foo (YTF) I have ever eaten. As a matter of fact, this place is a ‘cannot miss’ every time I go north for work.

Even the laksa here is good. It is not unheard of to order your laksa and dunk chunks of YTF into the soup as you eat the bowl of laksa. The lai-fun (thick chewy rice noodles) are to die for. So springy in texture. If the lai fun were a MAN, it would walk with a bounce in its stride πŸ˜›

DSC01197First up, my colleagues order for us some cold drinks – red bean andΒ  the other, water chestnut. Unbelievably good on a hot day. The red bean and water chestnut are not too sweet at all, but full of flavour and really quenches the thirst. I notice that they use a lot more red bean in the drink, instead of cutting back on quality and just using a lot of sugar. This is evident in the aroma that comes out of the drink. A delicious thirst quencher!

DSC01201I kill for the Yong Tau Foo here.Β  The yong tau foo bits that I cannot miss include the turnip, bitter-gourd, lady fingers, green chili, eggplant, fried beancurd or beancurd skins. The YTF served at big tree foot are lightly fried, flaky and crunchy. They are served fresh before they have had time to harden or loose they fresh crunch!

DSC01207Fried Stuffed Sar Kok (Turnip)

This is the one special YTF item that you cannot miss. The stuffed turnip is rare in KL. I’d go so far as to say that YTF shops in KL don’t do this form of yong tau foo. It is unique to Ipoh and I am LOVING IT! Crispy, crunchy with turnip texture and slightly sweet to the taste, this is the most satisfying morsel of YTF in the world. Why am I even explaining.

DSC01213The beancurd skin is to die for. Sliced really thin and incredibly crispy, beware your expanding waistline!


Big Tree/ Big Tree Foot,
Pasir Pinji ,


  1. I want some of the Yong Tau fu too! Gong hei fat choi !

  2. stuff turnip? They stuff the meat inside a turnip? Can’t figure out how does it works ler… O.O”

  3. my ipoh friend told me the place not worth going…

    he said is too overrated..

    but i have yet to try lar…

  4. ahhh i was wondering if this was that famous “democracy tree” in perak… the one where the opposition members of the state assembly held their meeting πŸ˜€

  5. 100% agreed – the sau kor and foo chok are to die for. I always have them packed back to KL whenever I am in Ipoh

  6. The turnips pieces are Ipohans best kept secret for a long time. Enjoyed it since I was a kid. You can have it with clear soup, curry and dry!

  7. i love this tai shu geok’s YTF a lot !!! πŸ˜‰

  8. one of my must go places when I’m back to Ipoh. The fried “liu” is superb!!!

  9. Hehe… their fried wonton is very nice…

  10. I wanna just build a tree house and eat yong tau fu 4ever!

  11. Delicious noodles with the sentimental tree ambience ! Perfect !

    Now bring us there…please 😳 tq

  12. Bouncy lai fun and crunchy YTF dunked in laksa soup?? I am SOLD!

  13. we love dining under this BIG BIG TREE too :)
    love their yeung liew!

  14. Stuffed turnip sounds really interesting. :)
    (Oh maaaann…. This place is several KM away lerr….. *drool*)

  15. You’re making me salivate now wif those shots of my fav ytf ever!! N good thing is that I’m merely few KM away. Haha

  16. I see the big tree, tapi mana the foot? πŸ˜›

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