El Meson @ Telawi, Bangsar

DSC00369At which restaurant can you eat and eat until you are so stuffed you need to stand against the wall for support?

DSC00370El Meson of course. Iberico overload at lunch is really the reason we look so plethoric!

The number of Spanish restaurants in Kuala Lumpur has increased substantially over the past 5 years.. Spanish cooking is, now a days, so “in fashion”, thanks in part to Ferran Adrià, who in the summer of 2003 attained international renown, in the New York Times… I am talking about the restaurant El Bulli, of course whose name is no stranger to any foodie’s ears, that is located in the province of Girona in Spain. Since then Spanish restaurants have blossomed faster than you can say ‘Tapas’.


chicken terrine – RM16.00

Since Spanish culture revolves around conversation and food, most meals are shared with friends and family and are served slowly to encourage chatter amongst guests.. Also you will find most colors employed in Spanish restaurants to be warm and rustic..  extremely homey. Unlike the typical three square meals a day that one finds common in American meals, the Spaniards enjoy multiple smaller meals throughout the day. Starting the morning with the smallest meal of the day, breakfast is usually something simple like a cup of coffee and milk . Tapas are eaten after breakfast, even before lunch just to keep the stomach lined before the next meal. Heck, one can eat tapas any hour of the day really. Since the Spanish eat dinner pretty late (9pm onwards) tapas is once again eaten between lunch and dinner. With the amount of olives and garlic employed in the cooking this is way more healthy than eating junk food snacks, for sure.


Calamari – RM16.00

I really like the Spanish style of eating and cooking.

Anyway, here at El Meson, after having sampled five to six types of different tapas on two different occasions, my favourites are the chicken terrine and the pork and beef meatballs, the Albondigas (past post here).


Stuffed tomatos – RM16.00


Pork Stew – RM76.00

Another interesting main course we had that day was the Pork Stew which was very similar to a Fabada (Spanish Casarole)  i.e. it had lots of fava beans and pork, stewed over a long period of time to give that soft and succulent texture. This hearty pork belly stew was beany and a heavy dish that should be eaten as the main meal of the day, if you ask me, all on its own. Intense and rich, you will not soon forget the flavour.

DSC00319Pork burger – RM26.00

The pork burger was perfect this time.. The last time I was here with A lil Fat Monkey, we found the burger way too salty. This time it was just right, with a gorgeous meaty aroma that would be hard to top.  Another praiseworthy item in El Meson is the way they do the roast potatoes. If you like roast potatoes, this is the place to come eat them.

DSC00325Iberico Cheeks – RM68.00

Iberico Cheeks.. from the iberico pig of course. Gamy and strong tasting ,these fantastic braised pork cheeks are soft and velvety in texture. Go for it if you like your meats with a little kick.

DSC00330Pork Chop – RM42.00

The pork chop was prepared just shy of well done – with a little pink in it. The waiter told us that this is actually  “OK” because the pork is extremely fresh. You know how Malaysians only eat pork Well Done – but Nigel (my cousin) assured me that this is the perfect way to cook pork, provided the cut is of the highest quality and freshness. The pork chop at El Meson is good!

DSC00336Chicken Breast with Bacon stuffing – RM38.00

The chicken breast was hard. I did not like this dish too much.

DSC00343Chicken Egg Sandwich – RM19.00

The Chicken Egg Sandwich was huge. I did not get to try this as it was ordered right at the end, but I am told it was good too.


Finally, desserts on the house.

DSC00357My favourite was the trifle.  This must be the best Gelatin layered dessert in the world. Add Jello to the equation and the layers take on a real childhood appeal not to mention a pretty finish !


This is Craving Joe looking like he is about to burst from all that food.. 😛


Chef Fernando cooked up a Spanish lunch to remember that day. El Meson is certainly on our list of must eats for this year:)

El Meson,
61-61 jalan telawi 3,
Bangsar baru,
59100 bangsar,
Food is Non-Halal.


  1. Wow!!! So much meat!! and non-halal!! I like!!

  2. DROOOOOOooooools … I miss u guys!

  3. Yeah I love pork. Can’t imagine how would life be without pork! Food looks yummy!

  4. Need.to.go.back.for.more.desserts.


  5. yeah, this probably ranks as my fave outlet at telawi. i can see it in my crystal ball … we’ll be returning here many times, hopefully for many years to come! 😀

  6. I don’t think I’ve eaten real Spanish food yet…. Food looks absolutely yummy! Ah, maybe I should find a Spanish restaurant here but hmmmm… never heard one of it! hehehe…

  7. wah i didnt know the belly is so exp..wahlau..but i loved the beans.

  8. The pork stew looks good! RM 76 for that portion seems pretty alright.

    Hey, I swore I saw this Ahwa post last night. The reason I’m asking is I went after seeing your post coz I haven’t been there for a while and we got lost for nearly two hours before settling for another Hokkien mee place. :)

  9. How is it possible that you folks manage to make it back to work after THAT? So indulgent it’s almost obscene!!! I was stuck eating at my desk that very afternoon, bah!!

  10. After seeing all these , others & more we wonder deep and are now greatly inspired to see da :roll: you in graceful action on your next stampeding half or full marathons ( if only you will say when/where will that be), for team bsg2010 is enthralled 😆

  11. chis, of course since i was running in and out, i never saw those dishes whole. only got the crumbs when i got back. drat. so much so, looking at the pics, i was thinking, huh? was i really there.
    let’s go there again soon. i like the pork choppy…

  12. i belum send u our group pix!

  13. still the best meal i’ve had on telawi hands down. lol i was falling asleep in my meeting after lunch. >.< went mad at the gym after all that ridiculous amount of trifle i ate; haha had to walk to the other end of the table to eat the trifle on the other side too! 😉

  14. Its like I was never there 😉

  15. Dear cumidanciki, may I ask where I can get the best callos in KL?

  16. great old times =)

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