Trafalgar square, Carnaby, Oxford Circus & Bayswater Duck, London

Here are some interesting things I saw, from the walk all the way from my hotel (on Kensington) to Oxford Circus..  Considering the amount I ate on this trip, I had to find every excuse to exercise!  Later that night, dinner of scrumptious duck, in Bayswater.

Cute – slogan .. I wish someone would save me from the lousy coffee in our office pantry:P

Trafalgar square – A visit to London would be incomplete without going to marvel at Nelsons Column and the four giant lions:)

Tourists behaving badly.. poor Landseer Lion !

Jeez.. I thought only Malaysians were capable of acting so Jakun.. but look at these tourists.. chis!

You’ll be shocked by the 10 massive tree stumps from the jungles of Africa rising up like grotesque apparitions in Trafalgar Square.. did someone go mad and drop those poor dead trees right there? The horrible depressing tangled roots reach 169 feet and is about the same height as if the trees were alive.

The art installation called Ghost Forest is the work of Oxford-based artist Angela Palmer, who wants to highlight climate change and the ‘removal of the world’s lungs’ through deforestation. I must say, it was pretty effective.

An ‘artist’ on his knees spreading love.

“All you need is love”.

On the road to Oxford Circus. Has anyone eaten here? Any good? Check out the price for the set menu.

This is were we watched the Phantom of the Opera the following night. No matter how many times I watch this .. I am always bawling my eyes out at the end. I think I have watched 3 different endings to this play so far. What will the ending be tomorrow night.. 😉

I love this shop. They do excellent postcards. The photography is mind-blowing.. of course it would be. This is National Geographic!

Hamleys .. the biggest toyshop in the world, opened by William Hamley. 7 floors packed with amazing toys and games .. Hamleys are the experts in fun!

Walk, walk, walk, by this point , my back is breaking. We’ve been walking for 5 hours straight now..

I spy with my eye.. Carnaby!

History of Carnaby.

Every year Carnaby is host to some of the most creative Christmas lights in London. This year apparently, it takes inspiration from the psychedelic 60’s in celebration of Carnaby turning 50 in 2010.. how cool.

Famous shopping street in London’s West End.. I like! This place also burnt a hole in my pocket because I visited Accessorize, Anna Lou of London, Eastpak, Onitsuka Tiger, Pepe Jeans London, Red Sparrow, Replay .. blah, blah, blah.. broke.

Bomb scare.. unidentified brown package..? I think I was more interested in the bizarre Mohawk tube guy, rather than the cause of the tube station being shut. There is always some line or other being delayed. Some things never change in London.

Later that night… down to Bayswater for dinner. We cannot be asked to fight with the masses at Four Seasons. As such, I have not tried the Four Seasons duck (in Bayswater) till today. That, as well as having no money as a student, have kept the duck out of Ciki’s reach:P Anyway, since those sad old days, I have returned to London, a little richer, and I have eaten the duck at Gold Mine  Restaurant several times. I have also eaten the Four season’s Duck in KL, when this world famous restaurant reached our humble shores. I can safely say that Me and the four season Bayswater duck have no Yuen Fun (karma).

Just as well, because Gold Mine is opened by the roast meat chef of Four Seasons. Hah! So … here goes my duck dinner story.

Before the duck .. the Kaw Yoke.. (kaw yoke – pork belly slices with yam). Damn fatty, succulent, juicy, plump, melt in your mouth , yammie bits of pork. Delightful!

One whole duck to ourselves. Love!

Verdict? We will agree with all the other written reviews – sweet, sweet sauce with an excellent quality in Duck meat to boot. To me, the Duck is to Bayswater, what Char Siew (BBQ Pork) is to Hong Kong. The meat of the duck is thick and solid, with very low soft white fat content. The hunks of flesh are soft to the bite but firm. The skin is delicious though not as crispy as the duck in KL. However, we were pretty lucky as we got a good mix of, softer skin (foreground) and crispy skin too (background).

Pass with flying colors and a drunken ovation:P

This is the teem kai (Frogs Legs).

The thing is so damn huge, it must be a real huge-ass bull-frog. Anyway, the length of the leg spans the entire rice bowl. Flavour and texture wise, it was a bit weird. Too soft .. for want of a better description. We are use to our little frogs having a bit more muscle. These frogs need to exercise more!

Read more about how Bayswater Four Season’s Duck comes to Malaysia here.

The end.. but to be continued!

Gold Mine,
102 Queensway,
London, W2 3RR
Tel +44 20 7792 8331


  1. Keep the posts coming babe. The last time I was in London, i stayed at Bayswater and had the Four Seasons Duck too for 20pounds (and the exchange rate was X7 when I was there). It is still the same price? Miss Picardilly square and the London Tube! haha… Brings back memories. Great photos too!

  2. 5 hrs of walking? would have burn any duck, including that fatty juicy duck that i so dearly crave for.

  3. That’s one big frog leg! Keep the post’s coming 😉

  4. *Drools at the duck*
    rif and I used to eat one whole duck ourselves! The lady thought we were crazy… >P

  5. wah, 4 seasons in KL must bow on their knees and thank you for mentioning them in the same breath la!!!! love the sudden use of “CIS” amidst the perfect queen’s england post.

  6. Eek. Giant frog?
    *wistful sigh* Miss London. So many cool and yummy places to visit…

  7. Nice! Trafalgar square looks nice and I love the tagline about coffee in the first pic. :)

  8. heh … so it’s not actually an illegal offense to climb on the lion, huh… actually i wouldn’t mind having a pic of myself sitting on the lion’s back either. i definitely belong in the jakun tourist category too, heeeee 😀

  9. That frog leg looks like its covered in batter!! LOL Is that why its so huge? :p

    And those tourists on the lion…hillarious!!! No pics of guards shooing them away?

  10. Ooooh the duck looks bigt, fat and juicy!

  11. Best duck bar none, par supremo … So glad you finally tried it :-) I LOVE it!!!!

  12. just so u know… the original chef of four Seasons was the one who left and opened up gold mine. Actually iMO gold mine is a lot better than Four Seasons now (I’m a regular every wk!)

  13. Love all your London pics & travelogue! Keep them coming! And that’s really one delish mean-lookin’ duck there!

  14. eiling, nipples, unka, bbabe:
    yar.. as you all know from exp, the duck is great. the teem kai was just so-so. Not just over battered.. but also the meat was way too soft.. a bit gross.

    CIS is not queens meh? 😛

    yea, me too .. already!

    isn’t it so true.. lousy coffee is worse than a tepid cup of tea!

    You Jakun!

    no, it’s actually that big! but the batter was not great either

    munkey, jules:
    yar , excellent

    LOL, why didn’t we pick the same day.. i wonder if you would have recognized me ..because I don’t bloody have a clue what u look like!

    Cheers, will do;)

  15. Part of my mystique is that I am annonymous (Although in recent times, there are a few restaurants who know who I am and thus I get loads of freebies).

  16. Phantom of the Opera is a classic and is one of the best plays ever-**

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