Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

On a rainy morning such at this.. I am craving something HOT and spicy, just like this.

2 plates of nasi lemak  – RM5.90

Paru-paru Goreng – RM3.95, Sambal Sotong RM4.95, Rendang Ayam – RM4.95

Cokodok Pisang RM2.50

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa in Dataran Sunway. Air-conditioned and comfortable. Too bad the Paru-paru was hard, the sotong cold and the rice could have been more fragrant. The only thing that was delicious was the “fresh out of the fryer” Cokodok, that was crispy, fluffy inside and bursting with pisang (banana) flavour. The Kampung Baru branch does a better Nasi Lemak, although we are not really fans of that place either 😛  We much prefer the Nasi Kerabu in Kampung Baru. Still, the comfortable surroundings are ideal for the office crowd who want to enjoy their food without sweating over it during lunch hour. Total damage – Lunch for two RM30.65.

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara.


  1. Come la…go the Chan Sow Lin, Jln Dua paru also..

    Or cinta ria also not bad..but no paru..

  2. Heard about this but have yet to try. The photo looks yummy enough babe!

  3. have heard about this nasi lemak,..but havent try out yet..
    heee..cuz alot ppl say not nice …

  4. That’s a mighty expensive Nasi Lemak! 😛 Mak Cik’s Nasi Lemak by the KDU Petronas = RM2.20 with Sotong 😛 No Paru lar…

  5. cheh i thought the pictures looked good..and rather exp for 2 nasi lemak hor..i mean theres still 1rm versions out there rite?

  6. What does Lungs taste like? *curious*

  7. Its interesting that they have decided to go modern , much like what we call
    the Modern Malay. Hopefully the management does not get carried away by all that fame and the new found celebrity status. Now we worry about the possible Ali Baba syndrome …bane of many a Malay setup
    they are doing fine now we believe ?
    ( Our fave is still the RA in Jln RA, KL )

  8. I think the nasi lemak here has not been good for a loooong time. Come to think of it. I think it only tasted good back in the early 90s because it was 3am and I was drunk and hungry! :-)

  9. That’s more expensive that Village Park Nasi Lemak! Hahaha…the cucur pisang looks the nicest. =P

  10. I still prefer going back to the one in Kg Baru. More authentic taste and fast service.

    Here the service sucks big time =.=||

  11. waiting for it to be really ‘antarabangsa’, as in must export to across the causeway first lah. hehe..

  12. cant get my eye off the Cokodok Pisang…… geram…

    anyone can send one pack for me at Penang… 😛

  13. TNG, Bbabe:
    u guys must take me to your fav nasi stalls man 😛 (i make the exception and eat carbo!)

    photo looks nice but the nasi is so-so only


    unka, nipples:
    dat’s right.. imagine RM30 for 2persons for lunch. Hardly a spread. 😉

    lung tastes like .. a respiratory organ 😛 mwuahahaha

    ra ra RA!


    don’t know why, but that’s true for many places tt try to expand to air-cond franchises.

    LOL.. farnee!

    OK! will DHL it over;) hehe

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