Big ben, River Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral , The London Eye

Photo moments that I like, of London.

The London Eye.

Me oh My.. the Eye!

Bigger than Life, Ben.

Walking to work against such a magnificent backdrop. These people look so immune to the beauty of their surroundings. I was once like that!

My pal, Churchill.

Sandwich and me, and Big Ben makes three.

Another shot at the Eye.


Artist or Menace?

The Tate Modern – Britain’s national museum of international modern art.

The Man in the Hood, reads.

View of St. Paul’s Cathedral from my favourite bridge in London.

I love the near symmetry of this shot.

St Paul’s Cathedral.

Footnote: All photos you see above, were taken 
using the Sony T100 


  1. Suddenly, i miss London too

  2. London is Great , makes one feel so small & insignificant !
    Those are bloody splendid delightful shots !

  3. Me too. Oh man… that would be the ultimate roadtrip – Malaysian Floggers in Europe…. *dreamssssssss*

  4. So says Samuel Johnson, the man who created the first dictionary, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Yes, we must go to London. There is something about that city that really calls you back to it’s greyness, life, and it’s variety.

  5. Nice shots. Too bad I didn’t go up the london eye the last time i went. the queue was just too long!

  6. munkey, BSG:
    thank you! glad the photos made you feel something:P (and good too!)

    J, Nigel:
    I totally agree. you FEEL when you are there.. sigh. Yar, roadtrip in order.. SPAIN!

    there was no queue.. but I preferred the shot from the ground somehow:P

  7. Brother B says:

    i really like the picture of The Man In The Hood, reads
    so serene and have an intellectualfeel to it

  8. brother b:
    harlo! yes.. i like the man in the hood too.. (don’t tell my husband:P)

  9. Sublime. i can’t wait till next week!!!!

  10. Yo… nice photos, London is always a great place to be !!!

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