B & Best Seafood Noodle @ SS4, PJ


We read about B & Best Seafood noodles from Masak-masak, who read about it from KYspeaks who says that it is a great favourites of Huai Bin’s. Phew.. now you know the history.

DSC07826Anyway, the most outstanding thing about B & Best Seafood Noodles and Porridge is the shear selection of seafood that they have to offer. Be warned however, that the more ‘gourmet’ your selection of ingredients, the more expensive your bowl is going to be.

Seafood Noodles & Porridge ss4

If going “ching” (clear, un-oily) is your type of thing, then this place serves up the likes of fillet fish, fish cake, fish balls, red snapper, oysters, pomfret.. you name it, they got it – that you can have with either noodles or porridge.


The soup that I chose for the day was Tom Yam (of course) and Cumi picked the normal, clear fish soup.

DSC07840He said that his bowl which had fish balls , fish cake, seaweed plus veges was light and tasted good. It wasn’t spectacular but for RM4.80, he wasn’t complaining. Maybe he should have added the red snapper fillets or the grouper for extra taste. We heard so much about the sambal here and we can confirm that it is truly phenomenal. Power man!


Initially, when I said that I wanted the Big Prawn, Yue Piu (oily part of the fish stomach) and the Oyster, they told me the bowl would cost RM35! I dropped the oyster like a bomb. That brought my bill down to RM20. As 5 prawns were served and 5 slices of the yue piu, we worked it out to be RM3/prawn perhaps and RM RM5 for the balance of soup, noodles plus yue piu. The yue piu is the translucent jelly looking thing you see in the middle of the bowl. Its texture is sticky, creamy and oily… it sends orgasmic shivers down my spine! Anyway, for what it is, that bowl of prawn tomyam noodles is super expensive if you ask me. The Tom Yam soup was spicy but not outstanding in flavour. Just so-so.

DSC07857Can anybody tell us what fish these are?


How about this huge one?

B & Best Restaurant
No.12, Jalan SS4C/5
Taman Rasa Sayang
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-295 8948


  1. this place is over rated and over priced and comes with cheap plastic chairs in a coffee shop. sad to say….

  2. I had similar seafood noodle at Selayang. I had the clear soup noodle with oyster ONLY… I love the freshness of the oyster explode in my mouth~~yum yum~~

  3. This place is very near my old office so we used to go there for the seafood noodles. It’s not cheap, but it is good. :)

  4. i love your blog’s new look! the swinging monkeys are soooo cute!
    ss4… hmmm i cannot go. i think the only ss i know are ss2 and ss17 ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Fishy fishy fishy….but sambal’s really power! ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. i love the swinging monkeys too

  7. Wah! look at the size of that monster fish! O_O

  8. Jocelyn Peterson says:

    Seafoods are very rich in Iodine too.~,,

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