R(O)A/W(R) : The Acoustic Sing-Along Series #3 @ Daikanyama, Changkat Bukit Bintang

R(O)A/W(R) : The Acoustic Sing-Along Series #3 with Goodbye 20th Century
Location: Upper Daikanyama, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Time:9:00 PM Wednesday, November 11th (but don’t worry, there is a chill out, jamming session every single Wednesday, so if you missed this one ,check-out the one next week, it’s loads of fun!)

What can we say.. in the words of Barri.. if you are tired of ‘Hotel California’ covers or a 2 piece-drum-machine-backed cover band ..  and if you declare that you are a child of the 90’s .. come check it out! Also, if you are a budding musician, even better – come and showcase your talent at Daikanyama.



Upper Daikanyama
42 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 6012 223 5680


  1. child of the 90s? means got backstreet boys and n sync? 😀

  2. The Barricudda says:

    Well, if you can rock any of your favourite boy band songs
    acoustically, by all means Sean, you’re more than
    welcome to participate !!! As long as you sing it from the heart eh ? :-p

  3. Sean>
    Haha. Not THAT part of the 90’s! So no corny lines and coordinated dancing!

    Such a nice coincidence that we went on the same night. Good fun! :) :) Completely choya-licious!

  4. eh, i tot we agreed we are not going to put up any pics of us from last nite.. you just wait.. I got some too

  5. *sits back and awaits the possible photo war between Rama V and Ciki*

    (Bring it on!!! Erm, but please try to be kind,ok?………………)

  6. Ooh Daikanyama is just oooozing coolness! I heart heart kau kau. I know a few budding musicians who would welcome this with great delight! Must get them there on Wed pronto!

  7. cool … okay we meet … soon

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