Good ol’ Happy Days Diner @ Taipan, Subang Jaya

Friday night.. and we were headed to Taipan in a limo, for the launch of Good ol’ Happy Days diner, thanks to Marian! It was really nice of her to arrange for us to be picked up as Fridays are notorious for massive jams and heading out to Subang Jaya is no small task at all!

If you were born during my time , you would be familiar with the tune – ” Sunday, Monday, happy days, Tuesday, Wednesday, happy days, Thursday, Friday, happy days, the weekend comes, my cycle hums, ready to race to you… !”That’s right, the track made famous by the sitcom, Happy Days created by Garry Marshall and staring big names like Ron Howard, Henry Winkler .. The infamous Fonz going thumbs up and saying ”Aay.. !”

Anyway, those glory days have been brought back by the Good ol’ Happy Days diner in Taipan in Subang Jaya. It’s the newest and most exciting hangout in town and sits on the corner lot but spans a good few units across. Just think Fifties, blaring jukebox and Elvis the pelvis may even pay you a visit! It was free flow that night , from beer to wine and for the non drinkers, the sodas, the milkshakes .. as well as the rock ‘n’ roll!  Burgers, steaks, pizzas, cheesecake, lamb chops and pasta will be on the regular menu for sure. At the launch, we had a spectacular performance from the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll..  Elvis!

Click on the video to watch the King, rock the night!


Good ol’ Happy Days Diner,

55-A Ground floor,

Jalan USJ 10/1F

Subang Jaya (Taipan)


  1. Wah! So fast.

    The lamb, the lamb!

  2. Waliao, dot com de! Anyways, the place doesn’t looks like anywhere near Taipan!

  3. Wah – cool. A blast from the past! :)

  4. Love the MR HAPPY Shot!! Slurpp …

    ps – CONGRATS on your new blog 😉

  5. The traffic got the better of me that night! Heard that the lamb was good!

  6. reminds me of Jimmy Dean Cafe back in Lot 10 aeons ago

  7. munkey:
    yup.. the lamb! which reminds me.. i still have not updated Bukit Tinggi’s lamb chops yet.. arrgh.. not enough time!

    right? totally agree- we were surprised it was right smack in the middle at the corner of taipan.. HUGE place

    one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock ROCK!

    aww, thx buddy!

    we waited and waited.. and you didn’t arrive :(

    I don’t know that one .. was it good? LOL

  8. reminds me a party that i went for a 70’s event~
    go d i guess sure very happy..:p

  9. Wow Elvis in da house. 😉 I miss Cal’s Diner’s at Lot 10 from the good ol’ days, though.

  10. Cool nite out with u guys ya! We must go back sometime for the milkshake!!!

  11. this is one perfect place to hangout..

  12. This place has closed down.

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