Baba Low’s @ Jalan Kurau, Bangsar

Baba Low is tucked way in the older residential area bangsar. Nyonya food is no stranger to Malaysians. Ask any Malaysian and they will tell you that the best Nyonya food can be found in Malacca. The origins of Nyonya or Peranakan , which is the other familiar term, can be traced back to the day when the Chinese immigrants sailed over from China and set foot in Malacca. Nyonya food itself is a result of inter-marriage between the local Malays and the Chinese immigrants.

Anyway, making these delicious nyonya meals is no simple affair. The pounding of the raw ingredients, i.e. the herbs and spices, can actually take up the better half of a day, and this is the characteristic pungent aroma that you will smell in the perut ikan or the nyonya laksa. Everything is pounded by hand with a pestle and mortar.

If this is not love, that translates into cuisine, I don’t know what is!

Anyway, here at Baba Low, the food is truly scrumptious. Not only that , value breakfast meals starting at just RM3.50, are really affordable too. The dishes that I like here are the nyonya laksa, the otak-otak, the tofu sumbat as well as the popiah. The other thing that I like here at Baba Low’s is the laid back atmosphere and also the fact that we are allowed to bring our own ‘scrap cake’ and other dessert goodies for consumption.

You heard me correctly – Scrap cake courtesy of FBB and Merry Men courtesy of Su from Delectable! What a feast and no wonder that ‘look of glee’ is evident on our faces when we dine with the gang, at Baba Low’s.

I love our lunch outings. The next time you are in the area and craving Nyonya, do not forget to check out Baba Low’s!

486 Baba Low’s
Lorong Kurau,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Merry Men by Su.

Scrap cake by FBB

(only for friends, but he bakes excellent cakes too. For more info, please kindly click on the link).


  1. im seeing alot more than scrap cakes..hmmmmm

  2. scrap or not, FBB’s cakes are truly scrumptious!

  3. Baba LOW… same surname as me! lol. Nice food and cakes!! :)

  4. Scrap caaaaaaake….. I waaaant………
    (Can order ah, I wonder?)

  5. ahh yes, as a malaccan, i can testify that my home state is unbeatable when it comes to nyonya food. penang can eat our shorts!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. the Nonya laksa here’s really nice. lurve the neighbourhood too. oh, wi-fi as well. a great breakfast place, me thinks. :) nice pics of food and babes. :)

  7. lovely and nice cutting edge bodies. Wish we were da warm submissive cake waiting on affectionate loving palm.
    wonderful ;D

  8. I love the boob shot! She’s gonna kill you!

  9. Must try this and Banh thai (or somethin named of that sort ;p ) SOON!

  10. hmmm, so serious one your tone…..
    ya man, that cleavage might get her coming after you with a cleaver… buwahahhahawaawawwa

  11. …. not appreciating the boob shot.
    i love you ciki… but this is like.. OMG WOMAN! #RI$I%U*#_EI(… …. U REALIZE your blog is DAMN FAMOUS RIGHT?!@!@! … buat tag summore. gosh…
    oh i’m going to have to wear baju kurung everytime we go out for lunch when cameras are involved form here forth??? *faint*
    *packs away the cleaver* LOL just in case i change my mind i know where to find it! ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. Stop tormenting me!!! Luckily I’m back to cooking Malaysian food next week :)
    enjoy your weekend.

  13. I like the look of the cookies in that jar! very nicely shot!

  14. nipples, babeKL, J:
    the scrap cakes are the best. you get all the shavings from various cakes, thrown into one.. i LIVE for scrap cakes.. its like having three cakes in one! J, of course you can! As FBB

    that’s right.. ru related?

    LOL, i didn’t know that you were malaccan!

    Thx but not as good as yours. I nearly fainted when I saw ur shots:P

    who did u have in mind .. haha

    well, its been CHANGED! mwuahahaha:P

    lets go!

    why she wear so sexay for hahaha … I know ! come kill me SU! pimped yet annoyed !

    mwuahahaha !! Woman! you wore that baju and i was taking the CAKE! so farnee.. why u go wear so the PLUNGERS anywayz .. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Updated lar… kesian.. teehee

    3H tummies:
    oh goodie.. lets go makan

    nice hor? the taste is even more gorgeous;)

  15. yup, Nyonya food preparation is labour-intensive!
    hehe, watched Little Nyonya drama on TV and learnt from there ….

  16. HAHAHA! Love the cleavage cover-up! And scrap is not the right word for that handsome looking dessert! Can hardly imagine what the non-scrap component would look like!

  17. i hate d parking there :(

  18. j2kfm:
    don’t tell me you are baba as well ๐Ÿ˜›

    she complained so i went and teddy-ed it .. spoil my picture .. chis ๐Ÿ˜›

    agree- just a small strip only . how nice if you lived by the houses there rite ?

  19. Is that a new accessory on Delectable Su? ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. LL:
    yes.. u want one? your teddy will be WAY bigger:P

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