Nobu @ Down Town San Diego – Dance lil lady dance…

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Downtown San Diego.. on a Saturday night…

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Any place worth entering….

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Has a massive, massive queue…

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Being too lazy to queue… we decided to have drinks 1st .. at a bar nearby…

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mmmmmmm…. nothing hits the spot like the 1st beer of the day…

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finally… time to hit NOBU for dinner…

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The blue electric guitar on the wall, tell us.. we have arrived!

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Sony moment.. !!!

the party crew… PRE boogie…. cool, calm and composed… ๐Ÿ˜€

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I love NOBU… it’s tres chi chi:)

Nobu is renown for its fusion cuisine… which blends traditional Japanese dishes with western ingredients. Its signature dish is black cod in so. Nobu is also famous for its soft shell crab and shrimp tempura rolls. The success of Nobu New York spawned several similarly themed restaurants is various parts of the US, London, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo !

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So.. here we are at Nobu Hard Rock San Diego.. it’s packed to the gills i tell ya..

After dinner, we decide to visit another bar.. before we hit the clubs…

here is STINGAREE…

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Here are our SHOTS … pretty maids, all in a row…

Prepare to meet thy maker.. lol ๐Ÿ˜›

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Cheers honey… do it fast… it’s less painful that way!

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After the shots.. we leg it down to… the PARTY!!!

By the time we get there.. the place is rocking…

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And more impressively they have my favourite movie, the FIFTH ELEMENT playing on the flat screens…. oo yeah… that’s what i am talking about!

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As the night progressed …. it got messier for some… !


Yet another Sony moment !

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After 2 hours of boogie-ing.. i had enough.. and my stomach was growling again…

Aiiyo.. no mamak in the states.. so how???

Well, we chanced upon the next best thing….


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Gawd.. you’ve got to love this country, you do!!

“Aortic Aneurysm by the slice”… no better way to go … lol:)

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Gorgeous, creamy, cheezy, greasy, hot off the oven pizza….

Just the thing to neutralize an alcoholic stomach!

Fantastic end to the night…




Oh wait a minute, our “rent a car” was low on gas….

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yes, yes.. isn’t it cute??? we rented the cutest Chrysler i tell ya… and it was zippy, economical, and i could actually PARK it… so there u go!

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AH.. there’s the gas station..

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We loaded up on unleaded (because that’s all they had… being sooooo eco friendly and all)…

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and headed on home…

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the view on the bridge of the city, reminded me why… I love city life… Having said that, a part of me was already starting to miss the chaos that is KL as well as the late night mamaks …

hmmmm… the 1st signs of homesick hitting me … me thinks…

( oh well.. nothing a good shopping spree can’t fix.. haha!)


  1. Big Boys Oven says:

    this is so cool! wow! I also want to be there!

  2. team bsg says:

    we miss this place much more than mamaks ( you can be sure )

  3. Nic (KHKL) says:

    and perhaps, that’s the real definition of an awesome night out…


  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    looking hawt..and man u can eat!!! i probably scream for a pillow at the end of the night instead of eating pizzas…

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